The second “Global Electronic Products and Parts Purchase Fair” Shenzhen Exhibition opened yesterday

The second “Global Electronic Products and Parts Purchase Fair” Shenzhen Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “the Shenzhen Electronic Fair”) held by Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL) was opened in Shenzhen yesterday. The exhibition was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from today to September 8 to show the industry innovative consumer electronic products with the most cutting-edge design and market demand.
More than 300 booths will be displayed in this exhibition. In addition to the production bases of electronic products in South China such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shantou, the exhibitors also include enterprises from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan and other regions; Other exhibitors are from Taiwan and South Korea.
The second “Global Electronic Products and Parts Purchase Fair” Shenzhen Exhibition opened yesterday
Many buyers from around the world and China have registered in advance and plan to participate in the exhibition, including well-known domestic retailers Suning Appliance, Gome Appliance, Shenzhen Hengbo Chain, EBT Digital Communications, iWing, etc; There are also representatives from well-known domestic dealer operators such as Digital China, Belkin Trading, CETC, China Telecom, etc; Famous brands planned to participate include Apple, Philips, Foxconn, Lenovo, ZTE, etc; At the same time, the exhibition also attracted representatives from international retailers or procurement offices such as Amazon, Li&Fung, Family Dollar Stores, and Target.
Ms. Ren Lifeng, Vice President of China’s Domestic Trade Development Department of Global Resources, said: “According to relevant data, the scale of China’s consumer electronics market will reach 1368 billion yuan in 2012, making it the largest consumer electronics market in the world. In addition to the Chinese government’s intention to introduce new stimulus policies, China has become a strategic location for many consumer electronics giants. The purpose of the ‘Expo Shenzhen Electronics Exhibition’ is to build an efficient platform to help Chinese electronics enterprises, especially Shenzhen electronic suppliers, with domestic and overseas procurement Business contacts should be carried out to maintain the export of foreign trade and constantly expand domestic sales channels to enhance the value of China’s electronic brand. ”
The product exhibition area of “Shenzhen Electronic Exhibition” includes consumer electronics products, Apple product accessories, electronic components, etc. Among them, the accessories exhibition area surrounding Apple products has become a major feature of this exhibition, accounting for about 40% of the total number of booths. Here, buyers will appreciate exquisite and novel Apple product accessories. In response, Ms. Ren said: “With the popularity of Apple products around the world, the market demand for their accessory products has also rapidly expanded. China has become the most important manufacturing base in the Apple industry chain. Especially, the industry around Apple has entered a relatively mature stage in China. Under the mechanism of survival of the fittest in the market, only by strictly controlling product quality and continuously enhancing innovation capabilities can foreign trade and domestic sales compete in the fierce market competition.” “Combine into one”, break out of the encirclement. “
Online exhibition halls usher in a new era of B2B. Recently, the future development of B2B has become a hot topic in the industry. With the holding of the “Expo Shenzhen Electronic Exhibition”, the “Online Exhibition Hall” has been fully launched, taking an important step towards upgrading B2B websites.
The online exhibition hall closely combines the exhibition resources of the Expo and provides unique online and offline integrated promotion services for the majority of suppliers. The online exhibition hall not only has many functions of the original B2B website to display company information and products, receive inquiries from buyers, update and increase the visual display of enterprise exhibition information, brand background and other contents, fully reflect the strength of supplier enterprises, and greatly strengthen the establishment of online transaction trust. In addition, through the online exhibition hall, the promotion exposure of suppliers has been extended from just a few days to 365 days, so as to truly experience the significance of “no closing exhibition”.
VIP buyer on-site procurement activities
One of the core services of Global Resources, the “Buyer’s Special Purchase Conference”, was held before and during the exhibition. A number of pre-screened exhibitors had a “one-to-one” private meeting with Lanting Jishi and Jiankun Telecom. In addition, the VIP Buyer Summit was also held during the exhibition. The buyer group composed of about 20 member enterprises of Lanting Jishi and the Overseas Trade Federation introduced the purchase needs and requirements to dozens of pre-screened exhibitors respectively, and conducted face-to-face discussions with them.
At the same time, free seminars will be held during the exhibition, and industry experts will be invited to give speeches on current hot issues to help participants solve practical problems in operation. Among them, Ms. Gu Huiming, Director of the South China and Hong Kong Branch of the Supply Chain Council, will give a keynote speech to explain how to apply the internationally leading supply chain operation reference model (SCOR) to improve supply chain efficiency and increase profits (SCOR, Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model; a supply chain operation reference model developed and supported by the International Supply Chain Association and suitable for different industrial fields).
The survey results of global resources consumer electronic domestic trade market were released on the same day
In order to further understand the challenges and opportunities faced by China’s consumer electronics enterprises in the current economic environment, Global Resources conducted a special survey and successfully visited 121 exhibitors at the exhibition through telephone survey.
The survey first explained the main difficulties faced by China’s consumer electronics enterprises at present, including: more than 70% (71%) of the respondents said that the development of domestic market channels was slow, and the difficulty of brand building was the biggest problem; More than half of the enterprises (55%) are worried that the global economic downturn will lead to a decrease in order volume; Concerns about rising costs persist. 51% of respondents expressed concern about rising raw material prices/large investment in research and development and promotion; 48% regarded the rising labor costs and the difficulty of reducing the mobility of workers even though the wages were raised as their main difficulties.
The survey results reflect that China’s consumer electronics enterprises are actively adjusting their development ideas and business strategies, and their ability to resist risks and pressure is constantly increasing. Faced with difficulties, the main measures taken by enterprises include: increasing investment in research and development, focusing on product innovation, and strictly controlling quality (64%); Select trusted B2B platforms to cooperate and strengthen the establishment and promotion of private brands (60%); While maintaining export stability, expand domestic sales channels and improve the construction of second and third tier market channels (60%).
Mr. Craig Pepples, President of Global Resources Enterprise Affairs and publisher of World Manager magazine, said: “The advantage of enterprises choosing a reliable B2B platform is that they can achieve immediate results in improving brand building and expanding the market. In the survey, 64% of the exhibitors interviewed said they are using the service and are looking forward to seeing positive results; nearly 10% are very satisfied with the domestic trade service provided by Global Resources for online and offline integration and promotion after experiencing cooperation.”https://www.stoneitech.com/
Mr. Pei continued to say: “In the survey, we also saw that Chinese electronic enterprises have realized the importance of brand development and have taken active action. Among them, strengthening product innovation and design, and improving product added value (88%) have become the mainstream trend, while strengthening brand construction and marketing, and increasing investment (68%) on the premise of paying attention to returns It has also become the consensus of many enterprises. As we all know, enterprises are the backbone of the national economy, and the transformation and improvement of China’s electronic enterprise awareness is undoubtedly a positive signal for China’s economic development in the future. ”
Although 2012 is a difficult year for Chinese enterprises to struggle, they are still full of confidence in this year’s sales performance. More than 90% (92%) of the exhibitors interviewed expect their sales in 2012 to increase compared with 2011; Among them, 65% said that the increase would exceed 10%. Mr. Pei concluded: “The pains and hardships that enterprises endure and experience in the development process are the necessary process of growth. It is important not to lose confidence in long-term development. We believe that challenges always coexist with opportunities. Only those enterprises that can maintain a high degree of foresight and flexibility at all times, keep track of market demand and follow market dynamics can go further.”