The mobile electronic products special session of the Global Resources Summit Forum was unveiled today

In the first half of this year, although the overall price index of China’s electronic market fluctuated and rose, the entire industry still faces some uncertain factors due to the impact of the external economic environment. Electronic suppliers urgently need to explore new competitive advantages to ensure their long-term sustainable development. In view of this, Global Resources (NASDAQ stock code: GSOL) timely launched the “Global Resources from excellent design to excellent sales summit forum series.”. Following the successful holding of the first forum at the beginning of the year, the second forum opened today in Shenzhen.
This forum aims to help Chinese electronic products, especially mobile electronic industry suppliers focus on their core competitive advantages and jointly discuss the way to win in the future. Many top industry experts and business leaders were invited to attend the event. The guests discussed the development trend of the industry in depth and exchanged views on the market opportunities in the application field of mobile electronic products. More than 250 senior managers and decision-makers from the electronics industry in the the Pearl River Delta participated in the event.https://store.stoneitech.com/
The mobile electronic products special session of the Global Resources Summit Forum was unveiled today
Pei Kewei (third from left), President of Global Resources Enterprise Affairs, Kendrew Lee (third from right), Creative Design Director of MonsterCable Products, Inc., Guo Qiang (second from right), Sales Manager of Andy Technology, South China Region, Luo Xiaoming (fourth from right), Market Development Manager of Jingchen Semiconductor, and Qin Yuxiang (fourth from left), Executive Vice General Manager of Shenzhen Yingtang Intelligent Control Co., Ltd
Mr. Craig Peppers, President of Global Resources Enterprise Affairs and publisher of World Manager magazine, said, “As the world’s largest manufacturing base for electronic information products, China’s electronic information industry achieved sales revenue of 9.3 trillion yuan in 2011, with an increase of more than 20%. However, facing huge market opportunities, China’s electronic enterprises must explore new competitive advantages and strive to stand out in the fierce market competition.”.
President Pei continued, “In addition, the needs of buyers and consumers have also undergone significant changes, with the focus shifting from the traditional ‘good quality and low price’ to the overall value of products. Therefore, in the current economic environment, the only option for Chinese enterprises to achieve sustainable development is to achieve the transformation from ‘price sales’ to’ value sales’ as soon as possible.”
President Pei also stated that although China’s electronics industry is climbing up the value chain, it still faces some challenges, including:? Innovation speed: Technology and product upgrading are accelerating, and the market demand for innovative products is increasing? Product quality: Are consumers increasingly demanding and personalized products, shortening the product lifecycle? Cost control: RMB appreciation, rising raw material and labor costs, and inflation have severely compressed supplier profit margins? Demand control: The European debt crisis has dragged down the European economy, and the booming emerging markets have stimulated demand. Enterprises should seize new growth points.
In response, Mr. Pei said: “For Chinese suppliers, it is easy to get rid of low-price competition and cultivate new competitive advantages. First of all, it is necessary to ‘practice internal skills’, including strict control of product quality and cost control. The most important thing is to improve the efficiency of innovation. Second, it is necessary to’ take the initiative ‘to keep track of market demand at any time. Only enterprises that can combine the two perfectly can advance bravely in the turbulent business sea.”
Expert group discusses the industry prospect
This forum covered a series of topics, including analyzing the successful export strategy of China’s electronic industry, introducing the latest technological progress of chip solutions based on Android platform, discussing the latest progress and application prospects of wireless charging technology, and decrypting what mobile electronic terminal application products overseas buyers are looking for. Another highlight of the forum was the round-table discussion of experts, who interacted and exchanged market opportunities in the application field of mobile electronic products. The professional speakers participating in this forum include: Mr. Craig Pepples, President of Global Resources Enterprise Affairs and publisher of World Manager magazine, Mr. Luo Xiaoming, Market Development Manager of Amlogic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Guo Qiang, Sales Manager of IDT South China, Mr. Kendrew Lee, Creative Design Director of Monster Cable Products, Inc
Qin Yuxiang, executive deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yingtang Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., the supplier representative who participated in the on-site discussion of this forum, said: “The era of ‘Made in China’ relying solely on price to win has gone. Today’s Chinese electronic enterprises need to rely on factors other than price to improve their core competitiveness. 2012 is a relatively difficult year for our foreign trade enterprises. We will be more proactive in finding buyers, winning orders and expanding the market. Our company has set up a digital business department since 2005. After more than six years The Code Business Division has developed into a department with annual sales of more than 500 million yuan. Since the cooperation with Global Resources in 2010, the company has met some high-quality buyers, including large buyers. Global Resources is a trusted B2B platform that helps us find solutions and make the most direct and effective decisions in different economic environments. ”
General Manager Pei summarized, “Over the past 40 years, Global Resources has been committed to promoting the development of China’s foreign trade and actively helping China’s electronic industry reach new milestones in high-tech development. The collaborative electronic exhibitions, technical magazines, industry magazines, websites, and industry events with Global Resources have helped Chinese suppliers further enhance their competitive advantage in today’s increasingly competitive market.” The next “Global Resources” “From Excellent Design to Excellent Sales Summit Forum Series” will be held in Shenzhen on September 21, 2012. At that time, Global Resources will continue to discuss with experts and business leaders how the “LED lighting” industry can strengthen its competitive advantage, and find and establish a successful business model of “from excellent design to excellent sales.”.