Vehicle-mounted electronic products help automobile enter the era of interconnection

In recent years, China’s automobile market has witnessed another round of blowout growth. While auto analysts are crying out to guard against foam, they are also surprised by the rapid growth of China’s auto market for many consecutive years. The rapid growth of automotive consumption has led to the rapid development of the automotive electronics market. More and more enterprises are scrambling to enter this “gold everywhere” market. There are more and more products in the market, and the competition between enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. New concepts and products are emerging in an endless stream, and one cannot help but ask, “Where is the air outlet for automotive electronics?”? To this end, Mr. Huang Guanzhong, General Manager of Shenzhen Shenhang Huadian Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview.
Internet communication drives the automotive electronics market
Where is the development direction of automotive electronics in the future? This is a proposition worth pondering. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, it is the development of Internet communication technology that leads to the prosperity of the automotive electronics market today. Huang Guanzhong said that if the products in the future cannot be connected with the rapid development of Internet communication, they will not survive in the market. The realization platform of internet communication mainly includes mobile phones, on-board devices and tablet computers.
Huang Guanzhong believes that how to achieve the integration of three screens in the current automotive market is the key. There is a fundamental difference between the three screen combination and the current popular three screen interaction. Huang Guanzhong introduced that the products exhibited by Shenzhen Airlines Huadian in this exhibition can all have the first mock examination and three screens. In the future, when Android and 3G become the mainstream of the future automotive market, where should we go as enterprises? Follow the trend or find another way? How do we survive? This question returns to the question mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph: Where is the development direction of automotive electronics?
The Internet Age
Huang Guanzhong believes that the development speed of mobile phones, no matter how fast, is far from matching the amazing development speed and transformation degree of mobile phones. Mobile phones have evolved from a simple communication tool that can only make phone calls in the early days to the era of smart phones like handheld computers. I believe no one can imagine. Who will lead the development of intelligent machines in the future? There is no doubt that the future mobile phone trend will be driven by Apple’s iPhone. Huang Guanzhong stated that how to achieve seamless integration between mobile phone operating systems and vehicle operating systems is one of the most critical factors for future products. In order to adapt to the current market development and demand, Shenzhen Airlines Huadian has successfully developed a mobile phone vehicle and machine synchronization system. Compared to competing products, EasyAir’s intelligent synchronization system is versatile across platforms. All devices with high-definition output interfaces, whether mobile phones or tablets, can be connected to Shenzhen Airlines Huadian products. Regardless of the operating system of the connected device, it can be displayed on the vehicle and machine accordingly, with better compatibility.
The future Internet revolution is about to begin. Huang Guanzhong said that Yihang’s products can run across systems and platforms, and synchronize mobile phones with the mobile phone. The mobile phone’s running speed is equal to the running speed of the mobile phone, which can greatly reduce the ink on the mobile phone itself. On the question of the development direction of the enterprise, Huang Guanzhong said that as an enterprise, we should try our best to think of customers. To enable customers to maintain their satisfaction for a considerable period of time after choosing Aircross.
The future is the era of 3G communication, and automotive electronics will become more intelligent. The future of Yihang is the future of customers and partners. How to truly understand the positioning of “three screens in one” is the most crucial point. Yihang takes hardware as its carrier and 3G internet software as its user oriented application.
Unlike other products, automotive electronic products need stability. Due to the special application environment of automobiles, product stability is the first consideration. Huang Guanzhong said that Yihang has now developed the innovative product of mobile phone car-machine interconnection. Once there is an unpredictable problem, disconnect the mobile phone from the car-machine to ensure that the basic functions of the car-machine will not be affected and will not cause trouble to the owner’s use.
Attitude and direction
Speaking of the significance of the name of the enterprise, Huang Guanzhong said that the reason why the company is called Shenzhen Airlines Huadian is a kind of depth; Aviation is a direction, and automobile electronics is the direction of our enterprise development. Shenzhen Airlines Huadian has been working in automotive electronics for 18 years. Now many 4S stores complain that it is not easy to operate automotive electronics. After in-depth research, we reflect on ourselves and how Yihang will face the future development and provide customers with the best products. The so-called enterprises that seek their positions in their positions and only consider their own interests without considering the interests of customers will not succeed. What Yihang considers is not only whether the project can bring profits, but also how to protect the interests of customers.
According to Mr. Huang, Yihang’s products have spent a lot of time optimizing the entire interconnected system, and have done a lot of work in terms of hardware scalability, compatibility of dual core and quad core phones, and implementation. Connect the tire pressure monitoring and other functions of the phone. After installing Yihang’s products, the condition of the vehicle itself can be clearly seen on the mobile phone, achieving one-stop control. Even if the owner leaves the vehicle, the current status of the vehicle can be fully displayed on the phone, which is a major advantage of Yihang.
Whether it’s 3G, cloud services, or other applications, the ultimate test is the integration ability of enterprises. Huang Guanzhong stated that all functions can be integrated to the maximum extent, and can be applied on both cars and mobile phones. This technology is called highly integrated and is quite difficult to implement.
The development of science and technology is always far beyond people’s imagination. Many years ago, no one thought that today’s mobile phones can watch TV and movies. At present, the development direction of automotive electronics has shown diversified development, but the overall goal remains unchanged. As for why Yihang focuses on high-end products, Huang Guanzhong said, for example, in big cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the number of five-star hotels is very small, but there are many civilian stores such as 2 yuan stores. Even though the five-star hotel has a very high consumption level, its beds are still tight for a long time. Why is such high consumption so popular? Huang Guanzhong believes that in the final analysis, it is the problem of enterprise positioning and the position of enterprises in the market. If you choose low-end customers, you can’t guarantee profits and business development. If high-end customers are selected, as long as the product quality and service are recognized by consumers, the profit margin can be guaranteed, and the development of enterprises is also more beneficial.https://forum.stoneitech.com/