High-performance and high-precision terminal electronic products promote the new technological revolution of electronic manufacturing equipment

According to the report of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Operation of the Electronic Information Industry from January to November 2014, the main indicators of the manufacturing industry grew steadily from January to November. The added value of electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size increased by 12.0% year-on-year. Among them, the sales value of the eastern region reached 7260.4 billion yuan, up 6.7% year on year, accounting for 77.8% of the country’s total. The top five products in export volume are: mobile phones, laptops, integrated circuits, LCD panels and parts for handheld wireless phones. Based on the capacity demand of the continuous development of the economic market, the new technological revolution of electronic manufacturing professional equipment is inevitable.

High performance and automation contribute to the new technological revolution in electronic manufacturing equipment
Driven by the new technological revolution in Industry 4.0 and the rapid economic and social development, the demand for electronic manufacturing capabilities has higher requirements in terms of “quality” and “quantity”. On the one hand, labor costs have risen, post 90s employees have strong personalities, poor job stability, and it is difficult for manufacturing companies to recruit, especially with a large gap in technical skills. On the other hand, with the popularity of small screen electronic products such as smartphones and tablets, higher requirements and standards have been put forward for the accuracy, complexity, process control and testing of production and manufacturing. Driven by these two needs, “transformation and upgrading and technology integration” electronic manufacturing enterprises are facing an irresistible impetus for reform. Reducing labor costs and improving automation are fundamental requirements for technological transformation and upgrading at the manufacturing end, and also provide a strong driving force for the improvement of surface sticker related equipment. Faced with the dual needs of cost and efficiency, automated, intelligent, and highly flexible production and processing equipment is gradually accelerating the emergence and promotion in various aspects of electronic manufacturing. According to Market Research, Asia has now surpassed Europe and the United States as the world’s largest demand market for automated production lines. According to the latest survey by China Industrial Control Network, under the new normal of economic and manufacturing development, the development of China’s robot industry will enter an explosive period, with industrial robots taking the lead. It is estimated that the total installed machine demand for industrial robots in the next six years will be 638-17600 units/set, and the overall market size of industrial robots will be 127.5 billion yuan.

Excellent Quality Gathered at NEPCON China Electronics Exhibition in Shanghai in 2015

As a professional electronics manufacturing exhibition that has been renowned for 40 years and cannot be missed in Asia, the 25th NEPCON China, held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on April 21, 2015-23, will bring advanced SMT equipment, electronic manufacturing automation equipment, and electronic material products together to provide industry professionals with the latest equipment applications and technical solutions.

Highlight 1: Domestic concentration

Exhibition and foreign SMT new technology and equipment
At the time of press release, leading exhibitors in the field of electronic manufacturing at home and abroad are actively participating in NEPCON China 2015. On the SMT production line, there are printing machines from ASM, Panasonic, Speedline, Kaige, and Desen, dispensing machines from Nuoxin, Anda, and axis automatic control, welding equipment from ERSA, BTU, HELLER, Nippon, Jintuo, and Klongway, and mounting machines from FUJI, JUKI, Panasonic, Samsung, and MYCRONIC, as well as AOI inspection equipment from Omron, SAKI, TRI, Shenzhou Vision, Juzi, and Heli, and X-Ray inspection equipment from Shimadzu, Suntech, and Dager, As well as major equipment manufacturers at home and abroad such as ERSA, OK International, and the repair workstation of Quick.

Highlight 2: Upgrading and transforming traditional electronic manufacturing industry with advanced automation technology

NEPCON China Electronics Exhibition starts with system integration, connects automation equipment manufacturers, system integration/non-standard equipment manufacturers and end users and buyers, and is committed to building an automatic one-stop trade exchange platform for domestic electronic manufacturing industry. The exhibitors of electronic manufacturing automation in NEPCON, such as ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, SICK, Comvision, Baomeng, Festo, Adecco, Leisai Intelligent, Bank of Shanghai Technology, Roppoda, Sumeida, TOYO, etc., all expressed high satisfaction with NEPCON. On this platform, we not only saw the desired system integrators, such as Tycosen, Fuzhidao, Epot, etc, At the same time, it has also established good contact and communication with new and old customers (such as Foxconn, Hisense, Sharp, Flextronics and other enterprises) at the end of electronic manufacturing.

Highlights: New Integrated Launch of “Electronic New Material Forum”

With the increasing requirements of consumers on the appearance, performance and environmental protection of electronic products, electronic terminal products are rapidly developing towards the direction of green, pollution-free, miniaturization, high density and high reliability. This trend makes the manufacturing process requirements of electronic products continuously improve, and also puts forward more stringent challenges to various electronic materials that permeate in various production processes. While ensuring the smooth implementation of the manufacturing process and reliable product quality, achieving efficient, safe, low-cost and environmentally friendly electronic materials has become one of the most important hot topics discussed by the electronic manufacturing industry. Electronic materials must adapt to new processes and meet the needs of product design to meet the diverse needs of today’s society and help more electronic manufacturing enterprises achieve the development goals of reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
As one of the most influential exhibitions in the global electronic manufacturing industry, NEPCON China launched the “New Electronic Materials Forum” in 2015, focusing on showcasing new products and technologies such as solder materials, adhesives, cleaning agents, and creating the most effective electronic materials procurement platform in China’s electronic manufacturing industry.

Focus 4: Follow market demand and customize professional on-site activities

During the same period of NEPCON China Electronics Exhibition in 2015, the organizers and relevant professional associations will offer a series of highly professional innovation activities to the industry peers. In 2015, when SMT technology entered China for 30 years, it will also be the 25th time that NEPCON Electronics Exhibition was introduced to China. The organizer will hold a grand commemorative celebration and exchange reception together with local SMT industry associations. At the same time, there will be a series of wonderful activities and experiences in the field of automotive electronics, which maintains a steady growth rate. In addition, the Technology Automation Alliance will continue to hold the “NEPCON and Smart Factory 1.0” forum. In line with the development trend of electronic terminal products towards green, pollution-free, miniaturization, high density and high reliability, NEPCON China launched a new “Electronic New Material Forum” in 2015. In addition, anti-static meeting and SMT Home member meeting will also be held as scheduled.

Highlights of the exhibition: exclusive business matching, accurate one-to-one high-quality service

In order to improve the return on investment of exhibitors and visitors, the unique “VIP Club (TAP)” service of NEPCON China series of electronic exhibitions has carefully built a business platform for professional visitors from the electronic manufacturing industry who have purchasing needs or plans, aiming to build a smooth communication bridge between high-end visitors with purchasing decision-making power and the high-level of exhibitors. Here, professional visitors can get the latest product and technical information of the electronic manufacturing industry, communicate with their favorite exhibitors face to face at the first time, enjoy various high-end services exclusive to special guests, and obtain a perfect viewing experience. During the 2014 NEPCON China Electronics Exhibition, the professional TAP team of the sponsor provided more than 360 selected matching buyers for 65 exhibitors before the exhibition through pre exhibition research and in-depth communication, organized more than 130 business conferences during the exhibition, and concluded a total of $79 million in trade business. The precise one-to-one business matching service for special guests has been highly recognized and praised by exhibitors and visitors.

On April 21-23, 2015, at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, the 25th NEPCON China Electronics Exhibition will gather over 500 well-known electronics manufacturers from 22 countries and regions to discuss and exchange the latest industry trends and leading technologies with more industry insiders. More than 21000 professional visitors. Excellent quality, gathering business opportunities, all in NEPCON China 2015!