Child care crisis caused by electronic products tends to reduce children’s social interest

Today’s children have loved electronic products since childhood. Some young parents believe that electronic parenting saves a lot of time, but others believe that electronic parenting can have a negative impact on children’s growth. Wu Mei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Psychology at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that the emergence of electronic parenting is a step towards adapting to social development to a certain extent, but it must be emphasized that parents should use it as an auxiliary means rather than replacing their parents’ companionship, otherwise it is not conducive to the psychological growth of children. Therefore, electronic childcare is not undesirable, but it is necessary to grasp the degree.
Can reduce children’s social interest
Nowadays, more and more electronic products appear in our sight, becoming an indispensable part of our lives and work. Even infants and young children have a wealth of electronic products. Young parents who advocate technology are beginning to explore the use of electronic products to assist in childcare. Children who refuse to sleep have hypnotic toys to help; “When a child cries, giving him a cell phone to keep him quiet… saves a lot of trouble, which is not uncommon among parents.”. “With mobile phones or tablets, children can concentrate on playing for an hour or two and have the energy to cope with their work.” Young parents see them as killers?.
Wu Mei said that when electronic parenting has become a common means and method, although parents can focus more on their own affairs, it will inevitably affect the psychological development of children over time. Fresh and interesting toys are always easy to attract children’s attention, while electronic products are rich in content and targeted, which can easily be loved by children. In addition to causing damage to children’s eyes, ears and even physical health, long-term immersion in the electronic world can also easily make them lose their desire to communicate with the outside world and gradually lack their interest in participating in public activities. From a certain point of view, rich and colorful games and festival world can meet their spiritual needs, and seriously make children become more isolated and not good at communicating with outsiders.
Influence the cultivation of children’s attention
Immersion in the electronic world for a long time will have a negative impact on children’s attention. Some parents will find it strange that children are very serious when playing games. Isn’t this a manifestation of attention? Wu Mei said that attention is actually divided into “active attention” and “passive attention”. Active attention refers to focusing on something according to your own purpose and will, which requires self-control. Passive attention refers to being attracted by other objective things. You can focus on these things at will and without perseverance, such as games, cartoons, TV programs, etc., which can firmly attract children’s attention. This is passive attention. However, listening in class, reading and studying, and doing homework all need active attention to complete. Electronic childcare often encourages the development of children’s passive attention, but makes it difficult to train their active attention. This will make it difficult for children to concentrate on listening to the teacher after school, and will cause a series of learning problems.
Wu Mei believes that “children prefer electronic toys rather than going out with us to play with them”, “children can only be quiet when playing with toys”, and “they are too busy at work to have so much energy to accompany their children”… These statements are just excuses for “lazy dads” not to accompany their children. For children under the age of 5, the outside world is still attractive enough. As long as parents are willing to spend more time with their children and have a positive attitude towards going out, children can quickly accept this “attraction” and receive appropriate guidance and adjustment. However, children aged 5-7 years or older who are “addicted” to electronic toys need to seek medical intervention as soon as possible. Wu Mei said that sometimes children become “addicted” to electronic products, not because they play too much, but because their parents have too little company. Even during the treatment process, parents are required to accompany the child and divert their attention. Therefore, it is better to spend more time with the children at the beginning than to make up for it at the beginning.
Can electronic products still be used? Wu Mei believes that the emergence and popularity of electronic products in contemporary society must be justified. In families in big cities, when almost every child has access to or owns electronic products, it is not good for children to get along and communicate with their partners in the future.
In addition, for young parents who have little experience in childcare, well-designed targeted electronic childcare products can play a very good auxiliary function and make up for the lack of parental childcare knowledge. In addition, under the pressure of work in modern society, it is very beneficial for both sides to release parents from the heavy child-rearing task temporarily and take a little rest to adjust their state, rather than to bring their children to the crazy situation.
How should parents master this degree?
● Increase parentage time
Children always need the companionship of their parents, and the emergence of electronic products has not changed this point before or now. Parents’ rest can also be manifested as watching and playing with their children, with appropriate guidance. Parental companionship can increase a child’s sense of security, which is difficult for electronic products to provide. At the same time, parental companionship can also enhance the relationship between parents and children.
● Control time
Strictly control the time children use electronic products. Generally speaking, 20-30 minutes per session is appropriate. The younger the child, the more playful he becomes, and the new toys easily attract his attention. Let electronics become one of his many toys, not his main toy.
● Increase outdoor time
Although many parents are busy with their work, it is advisable to take time out of their busy schedules to take their children outdoors and get in touch with nature, freeing them from the narrow world. Let his world no longer be monotonous by electronic toys.
● Set an example
Children have a strong ability to imitate, and many times parents are their first target for imitation. As the saying goes, “Set an example”, so when parents are with their children, they should not always immerse themselves in their electronic world and set an example. https://www.slw-ele.com/