PEM Releases Consumer Electronics Brochure Helps Compact Fastening Trend into a New Future

From mobile phones to tablets, from laptops to wearable devices, consumer electronics have brought earthshaking changes to our lives in recent years thanks to rapid technological innovation.
As a typical technology driven industry, every technological leap drives the continuous progress of products in new directions.
“Integration” is one of the most significant development trends in recent years: compared to the past, devices have more complex structures and more powerful functions while maintaining a certain size and weight, thereby promoting the upgrading of user experience.
This also means that the product structure among them is increasingly compact: components must be smaller and more precise, making full use of “every millimeter” in order to achieve great results in small spaces.
PEM ® Consumer Electronics Brochure Newly Released
PEM ® A consumer electronics product manual that includes commonly used compact fastening solutions for components such as keyboards, touch panels, and housings, helping industry personnel achieve faster, firmer, and lighter fastening effects. At the same time, product examples are provided for easy and intuitive understanding, and all products adopt global unified material numbers, without regional barriers, and are convenient to order. They are a one-stop application treasure trove of electronic consumer fastening solutions.
Break through tradition and forge ahead with innovation
Traditionally, many electronic devices use miniature screws to support product miniaturization. However, micro screws have certain constraints in terms of substrate thickness, hole edge distance, Z-axis, and other aspects. They also have many components, long installation processes, and high overall installation costs.
To address these limitations of micro screws, PEM ® Design and launch a series of innovative micro products, including microPEM, which is widely used in the industry ® TackPin ® And TackSert ® a fastening. They can be widely used in a variety of electronic components and save more space and time, making them a booster for the integration of the consumer electronics industry.
Five Advantages of Class I Products
TackPin ® And TackSert ® Can provide fastening solutions for today’s and future compact electronic products. Compared to micro screws, they have the following undeniable advantages:
Smaller: Micro screw heads typically have a diameter of 0.4 mm, while TackPin ® With a head diameter of only 0.2 mm, TackSert ® Is 0.27 mm. They are approximately half the size of the corresponding micro screw (and do not require threaded holes) and can be installed in a small space, reducing the space required.
Faster: TackPin ® And TackSert ® For permanent installation, it will not fall off or loosen like miniature screws.
Faster: TackPin ® For example, the minimum installation and tightening time is only 1.3 seconds, and automatic installation is supported, while the average micro screw takes 5-20 seconds. Two-phase comparison, TackPin ® Is three times faster.
More beautiful: suitable for thin plate connection, which can maintain a smooth and beautiful appearance.
More cost effective: Although the price of a single micro screw may be lower, if the cost of rework due to nylon pads, punching, screwdriver heads, and staggered threads is included, use TackPin ® And TackSert ® The overall cost of will be saved by about 25% to 40%.
From speed, accuracy to strength, PEM ® “Our solution combines various advantages: it not only provides greater operating space, but also ensures that the product size is reduced or unchanged, complying with and leading the integrated development direction in the field of consumer electronics fasteners.”.https://www.stoneitech.com/