Analog ambient light sensing chip applied in backlight display of electronic products

The ambient light sensing chip can sense the surrounding light conditions and inform the processing chip to automatically adjust the backlight brightness of the display, reducing the power consumption of the product. On the other hand, ambient light sensing chips help the display provide a soft image. When the ambient brightness is high, the LCD display using the ambient light sensing chip will automatically adjust to high brightness. When the external environment is dark, the display will be set to low brightness.
Analog ambient light sensing chip applied in backlight display of electronic products
The ambient light sensing chip has characteristics such as low dark current, low illumination response, high sensitivity, and a linear change in current with increased illumination; Built-in dual sensitive elements, automatically attenuate near infrared, and spectral response is close to the human eye function curve; Built-in micro signal CMOS amplifier, high-precision voltage source and correction circuit, large output current, wide operating voltage range, and good temperature stability. Optional optical nano material packaging, visible light transmission, UV cutoff, and near infrared relative attenuation enhance the optical filtering effect.
In the middle and low end visible light sensors, the comprehensive performance of photosensitive transistors is generally superior to photoresists. Under the influence of factors such as performance and application range, photosensitive transistors, with their good comprehensive performance, will gradually replace photoresists.
High end visible light sensors, represented by CMOS linear visible light sensors, have features such as low dark current, high sensitivity, low illumination response, and a linear change in current with increased illumination. They have a wide range of markets such as backlight adjustment and energy-saving control, and are widely used in products such as televisions, computer monitors, LED backlights, smart phones, and digital cameras. They are one of the important development directions of visible light sensors in the future.
Analog ambient light sensing chip applied in backlight display of electronic products
Here, the editor recommends a simulated ambient light sensor chip from Taiwan Wanghong, represented by Gongcai. The ambient light sensor chip, ALS AK510, is a low-cost visible light sensor with a current output that is proportional to the ambient light level. It has a built-in optical filter to provide a response or “photosensitivity” close to the human eye. By connecting the output current in series with a resistor, it can be converted into a voltage. The dynamic range is determined by external resistance and power supply (10K and 5V give a range of 0 to 160 Lux, but 1K resistance can exceed 700 Lux). The internal dark current cancellation circuit can maintain stable accuracy over the full temperature range, even at low light levels.
Characteristics of the ambient light sensing chip ALS AK510:
Photosensitive reactions close to the human eye
High infrared suppression with built-in optical filters
Current output height linearity versus ambient light level
Temperature stability
Integration of corresponding relationships of optical current amplifiers
Excellent dark current performance
High humidity immunity
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