PEM Automotive Electronics Product Manual officially launched

With the rapid development of technology, cars have already transcended the scope of transportation tools and become an extension of life and work. The widespread use of electronic technology has made the development of automobiles increasingly intelligent, enriching our driving and riding experience.
Whether it’s an infotainment system that includes functions such as audio, navigation, and communication, or a driving assistance system that integrates sensors such as cameras, radars, and lasers, or a vehicle body device that includes lighting, windows, and heating and ventilation, the smooth operation of these electronic systems is inseparable from the existence of various fasteners that are “zeroed in”.
PEM ® With a self fastening solution that can connect different types of plates without secondary operation and a more environmentally friendly and clean process, it has become the choice of 90% of top automotive manufacturers.
One-stop access to automotive electronic fastening solutions
In order to integrate relevant industry resources and better serve our customers, PEM ® Recently, we officially launched a product manual for automotive electronic self fastening solutions, providing comprehensive fastening solutions with professional strength to help you keep moving forward.
This manual is designed for the automotive electronics industry and covers fastening solutions for multiple application areas such as powertrain, infotainment systems, safety and ADAS systems, and body electronics.
We can streamline the number of parts and installation steps for you based on your actual application environment, promote continuous product upgrades, and work together with you on the path of innovation.
The fastener products in the product manual have the following characteristics:
Each standard part has a globally unified part number, facilitating ordering and eliminating regional product barriers
All products meet PPAP requirements and are available from stock to help shorten delivery times
Depending on the actual situation, the required technical cleanliness can be selected
Product comprehensive demonstration intuitive
This manual covers all commonly used PEMs in the automotive electronics industry ® And microPEM ® Standard fastener products. You can search for product performance data based on specific information such as plate thickness, material, hole margins, and select the most suitable fastener and installation solution.https://store.stoneitech.com/
In addition, through PEM? Fasteners and Haeger? Press riveting systems, we will provide collaborative and innovative combination solutions aimed at improving efficiency and reliability, and reducing costs. With this “treasure book”, no matter what connection dilemma you face in the field of automotive electronics, PEM? Will meet your various needs in a one-stop shop

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