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Heavyweight! Hixconn’s achievements in production, education, and research won the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020

On November 3, the 2020 National Science and Technology Award Conference was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. A total of 264 projects, 10 science and technology experts, and 1 international organization were selected. The project of “Multi axis Linkage and Multi sensor Collaborative Field Coordinate Measurement Technology and Application”, which was participated by Hexconn, won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
The main completion units of the project are Tianjin University, Hexconn Measurement Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd; Professor Li Xingfei, Professor Qiu Zurong of Tianjin University, and Hao Jian, CEO of Hixconn Manufacturing Intelligence, were among the top three winners of this award. The “Multi axis Linkage Multi sensor Collaborative Field Coordinate Measurement Technology and Application” project closely combines the measurement needs in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, mainly addressing the bottlenecks of traditional coordinate measurement technologies such as complex structure measurement inability, low field measurement accuracy, and slow batch measurement speed, and establishing a multi axis linkage multi sensor collaborative field coordinate measurement technology system.
The project proposes a new mode of multi-axis linkage to achieve collaborative measurement in multiple coordinate systems, which solves the problem of difficult measurement of complex structural parameters; The invention of online calibration of structural parameters and temperature variation environment measurement compensation technology solves the problem of low field measurement accuracy; The joint calibration of heterogeneous sensors and intelligent path planning technology are proposed to break through the technical bottleneck of multisensor collaborative measurement. The project has developed a series of on-site fast and high-precision intelligent measurement equipment with fully independent intellectual property rights, which has been promoted and industrialized in manufacturing enterprises, solving the problem of key products that cannot be measured, and promoting the industrial upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
Hexconn has undertaken some research work in the project. Based on its large scientific research team and rich experience in the field of measurement, Hexconn has combined market demand with relevant technologies to develop and form a series of achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and has participated in and completed the formulation of multiple relevant national standards. Through the research on key technologies such as the unified method of measurement benchmarks for multiple types of measurement systems in multi axis linkage multi sensor collaborative field measurement equipment, the multi sensor collaborative control strategy system based on virtual measuring machines, and real-time drift error compensation for structural thermal deformation of multi axis linkage multi sensor collaborative measurement equipment in temperature changing environments, combined with high-precision transmission and positioning mechanisms, high-performance digital drive control and compensation technology, As well as achievements in automation control technology, they have been fully integrated and applied in multi-axis linkage and multi-sensor collaborative on-site coordinate measurement equipment.
The National Science and Technology Award is the highest award in the field of science and technology in China. The award-winning project achievements participated by Hixconn have been applied in engineering in multiple enterprises, including Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Huawei Machinery Co., Ltd., SAIC General Motors Co., Ltd., Shuyang Ruitai Technology Co., Ltd., and have achieved good results and received favorable comments from users. It has authorized 4 invention patents, 20 utility model patents, and participated in the formulation of 7 national standards and metrological technical specifications.
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