Han’s Yueming Laser Group’s 10000 watt laser equipment won the 2021 Innovation Dongguan Science and Technology Award

Recently, the 2021 Innovation Dongguan Science and Technology Award was officially awarded. Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group, the vice chairman of our association, won this award with the project “High speed, high precision, 10000 watt grade fiber laser cutting technology and equipment”, and its research and development and industrialization strength in the field of intelligent laser equipment was once again recognized. At present, the key core technology of this project has achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements.
With advantages such as high efficiency, good quality, low cost, and wide application, laser cutting technology is gradually replacing traditional flame and plasma cutting methods and becoming an indispensable technology in metal processing production. In the context of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025, metal processing is transitioning towards an intelligent high-end direction, and laser processing technology is being used by more and more metal manufacturing enterprises. In particular, the 10000 watt class high-power laser cutting equipment, with its “multiple, fast, good, and economical” processing advantages, has brought customers a better metal cutting and processing experience, helped enterprises improve production efficiency and quality, and reduced total production costs.
As a global comprehensive solution provider for complete sets of laser equipment intelligent production lines, Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group has been deeply engaged in the laser field for 21 years, with solid foundation and upward brand. It has successively launched a fully closed interactive ten thousand watt grade groove fiber laser cutting machine, a large format desktop ten thousand watt grade fiber laser cutting machine, and a large format mounted ten thousand watt grade fiber laser cutting machine, A series of 10000 watt level laser equipment such as a fully closed interactive 10000 watt level fiber laser cutting flexible manufacturing unmanned production line has pushed the 10000 watt level laser cutting process into a highly intelligent application era.
The advent of the 10000 watt laser cutting era is an important node in the development of the metal laser processing field. With the rise of 10000 watt laser cutting technology in China, domestic laser equipment is changing the pattern of the global laser industry, gradually replacing most imported laser equipment. With the widespread application of thick metal plates in rail transit, wind power, nuclear power, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, aerospace, national defense, infrastructure, and other industries, 10000 watt laser cutting technology has been rapidly introduced into various production and processing links in these industries, restructuring the manufacturing standards of the heavy equipment manufacturing industry, and accelerating industry progress. At the same time, with the increase of application scenarios, technological innovation related to the laser industry is constantly stimulated, forming a virtuous cycle of two-way promotion of “technology promotes industry, industry promotes technology”.
Technological innovation is the soul of the development of Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group. Over the past 21 years, Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group has made full use of its strong financial and R&D technology advantages to promote the innovative development of independent research and development technology. It has established laser control technology and application process research institutes in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, and Jiading District, Shanghai, respectively. At the same time, it has cooperated with Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of Technology, Jiangsu University Many well-known universities and scientific research institutions, such as the Shanghai Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have established long-term and stable interactive cooperative relationships, and have successively received over 200 honors such as the “China Industry University Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award”, the “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, the “Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”, the “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, and the “Dongguan Municipal Government Quality Encouragement Award”. Innovative capabilities are evident in the industry.
National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise
Dongguan Municipal Government Quality Encouragement Award
Currently, Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group’s independent core technology covers six strategic segments, including intelligent laser equipment and control systems, machine vision systems, intelligent layout and nesting systems, three-dimensional dynamic cutting and marking systems, and automation equipment overall solutions for various industries, as well as smart cloud platforms. Its products and solutions are comprehensively applied to automotive safety components, 3C electronic products, heavy machinery, metal processing, shipbuilding Advanced manufacturing fields such as bridges and aerospace. In recent years, Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group has actively sought development opportunities in the strategic planning and layout of the national new infrastructure industry and digital transformation. It has launched high-end application models and complete solutions in emerging sectors such as 3C electronics, 5G industry, new energy vehicles, agricultural mechanization, and equipment intelligence, respectively, with a good momentum of business development. Among them, the 10000 watt laser cutting equipment has become a market darling with its excellent processing performance and excellent equipment quality, and has been widely recognized by the majority of metal processing and manufacturing enterprises.
In a new era where opportunities and challenges coexist, Guangdong Han’s Yueming Group, in addition to pursuing research and innovation in the direction of cutting-edge laser technology, is also focusing on creating a self production and manufacturing ecosystem for Han’s Yueming Laser Group. The Phase II expansion project of a new production base with a total construction area of 38400 square meters has officially commenced construction in July this year.
After the project is completed and put into operation, the Jiangsu Suining Production Base affiliated to Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group will have high-end laser equipment manufacturing and cutting workshops, sheet metal workshops, heavy equipment welding workshops, heat treatment workshops, sandblasting workshops, precision machining workshops, surface coating workshops, 100 large laser equipment assembly production lines, and 6S product exhibition halls that can cover the entire eastern, northern, and central regions of China, And a fully automated warehousing and logistics center to establish a complete modern production and manufacturing system for various high-end industrial laser equipment in Han’s Yueming Laser Group, ranging from sheet metal manufacturing, mechanical processing, equipment assembly, product display, to regional logistics integration, and strive to create a new factory with green manufacturing, lean management, and intelligent services, It is planned to export 2500 sets of large-scale high-end laser equipment to developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea every year, attracting a large number of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in the laser industry chain to gather.
Jiangsu Production Base Affiliated to Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group
The commencement ceremony of the second phase expansion project was solemnly held
It is reported that the Innovation Dongguan Science and Technology Award is an award established by the Dongguan High and New Technology Industry Association under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the Association of Science and Technology, and other authoritative institutions, in accordance with the relevant spirit of the “Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Further Encouraging and Standardizing the Establishment of Science and Technology Awards by Social Forces” and the “Plan of Guangdong Province on Deepening the Reform of the Science and Technology Award System”, focusing on rewarding original innovation in scientific discoveries and technological inventions, And scientific and technological achievements that have made significant contributions to promoting scientific and technological progress in the industry and promoting regional coordinated and sustainable development. The award-winning projects will also become the key recommended projects for the 2021 Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award.
Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group takes technology as the foundation, innovation as the soul, service as the root, and development as the foundation. This honor is a full recognition of the comprehensive strength of Han’s Yueming Laser Group, and also an affirmation of the technological innovation ability of Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group in the field of large-scale high-end laser equipment manufacturing. Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group believes that only by continuously investing heavily in scientific and technological research and development, leading scientific and technological innovation breakthroughs with innovative core technologies, and establishing multi-level technical barriers for enterprises, can enterprises go further and more steadily. Honor is also encouragement. Guangdong Han’s Yueming Laser Group will, as always, continue to innovate and aspire to become the world’s choice with the quality of a great country. With an indomitable attitude of struggle, it will convey China’s hard core strength in intelligent manufacturing of laser equipment to global business and technical partners.