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Analyze whether MTK can return to the first camp of Soc after the release of Tianji 9000?

First, due to the sanctions, Hiskylin’s capacity ran out and its market share shrank sharply. Then, MediaTek rose to the fore and became the first in the world’s chip market share by opposing Qualcomm for four consecutive quarters.
Although the Snapdragon chip has absolute voice in the high-end flagship market of Android at present, the launch of Tianji 9000 means that the charge for the return of MediaTek to the high-end battlefield has been sounded, and a good play has been staged for the melon eaters.
Author | Fang Wen
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Can MTK return to the first camp of Soc after the release of AI Core World | Analysis | Tianji 9000?
Hit the high-end with Tianji 9000
Tianji 9000 is the world’s first TSMC N4 chip, which will be the first time that the company has been in the leading position since the 20nm era.
A slide from MediaTek shows the long-term performance of the iPhone 13 with A15. The Tianji 9000 can slightly exceed the performance of the iPhone.
In terms of CPU, MediaTek has provided SoC with nearly the most possible configurations – high frequency, large cache, and the complete performance configuration of the new Cortex-A510 core, which is surprising to us today.
8MB L3 benefits from the new 6MB system cache, which further improves the memory performance. Tianji 9000 is the first and only chip to support the new LPDDR5X.
In terms of GPU, this chip may be the only design equipped with a large Mali GPU in 2022. The performance data advertised is good, but the most important is power efficiency and continuous performance.
Tianji 9000 has won ten world firsts in one fell swoop. It can be seen that this time, the joint development department has made great efforts, and the materials are also the lowest in history. The specification of Tianji 9000 can be regarded as the first tier.
Today, the best Android flagship chip is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Assuming that the so-called Android flagship chip of MediaTek is Snapdragon 888, then Tianji 9000 will surpass Snapdragon 888 and become the strongest Android chip.
It is also because it provides a platform for the copycat machine, which has left a lot of criticism on the part of MediaTek. It has always been inseparable from the brand of the copycat machine.
However, since the beginning of 4G mobile phones, MediaTek has focused on the development of 4G chips, and has achieved good results. Although there are still some differences with Qualcomm at the head, the gap has gradually narrowed. At that time, many 4G mobile phones in China used MediaTek chips.
Can MTK return to the first camp of Soc after the release of AI Core World | Analysis | Tianji 9000?
MediaTek is seeking to change its low-end positioning
In the past few years, MediaTek has been widely regarded as the second choice of mobile SoC suppliers, because most media and consumers focus on the flagship SoC products of Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung and HiSilicon.
The last time MediaTek tried the real flagship SoC was on the Helio X20 and X30 a few years ago. After that, they hardly succeeded in the high-end market, but focused on the mid-end and high-end market segments again.
After seeing the new success in the market, especially after seeing the fantastic scenes in 2020 and 2021, the Taiwan supplier decided to make a comeback.
According to the data, MediaTek now ranks first in Mobile SoC with 40% market share, and the company’s 5G SoC market share has increased by 28%.
With Tianji 9000, Mediatech re-entered the flagship SoC field, which coincided with the market opportunity period.
After seeing the huge market share growth and being able to fill the huge gap between Huawei and HiSilicon in the market in the past, Tianji 9000 seems to have come at the right time, because more and more manufacturers want to distinguish their top products.
In fact, this is also what many manufacturers are trying to achieve at present. They determine the location through high-end products and continue to expand downward.
MediaTek, which jumped from Tianji 1200 to Tianji 9000 at once, seems to have such a plan. It may soon see MediaTek’s Tianji x000 series for the mid-tier and entry-level.
Can MTK return to the first camp of Soc after the release of AI Core World | Analysis | Tianji 9000?
In the 5G era, the R&D capability of Mediatech has improved by leaps and bounds
MediaTek has always been strong in chip research and development. After all, they have deep knowledge, technology and talent accumulation. For example, in terms of 5G technical specification proposal, MediaTek’s approval rate ranks among the top 3 in the world.
The main reason for the achievement of MediaTek is that it has a relatively early 5G layout and a strong scientific research team.
In fact, since 2011, MediaTek has set up research and development centers in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and other European countries, and 5G technology is mainly developed by research centers in Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Of course, in addition to a strong scientific research team, the reason why MediaTek has made rapid progress in 5G technology also benefits from the improvement of the ARM public version framework and the support of TSMC.
Both TSMC and MediaTek are Taiwan enterprises. TSMC is currently the most advanced chip manufacturing enterprise in the world. At present, it has the ability to produce chips with 4-nanometer technology. MediaTek is one of the first manufacturers to adopt the 4-nanometer chip technology of TSMC.
Therefore, after integrating various factors, it is not surprising that Mediatech can launch Tianji 9000.
Can MTK return to the first camp of Soc after the release of AI Core World | Analysis | Tianji 9000?
From now on, Tianji 9000 has shown high specifications and sufficient influence. If everything goes well, we will see corresponding commercial products in the first quarter of 2022.
As for whether the cost of mobile phones will remain high as rumored, and the actual energy consumption performance will be significantly improved, the mobile phone manufacturers will tell us the answer soon.
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