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Evergrande’s registered capital of new energy vehicles increased to US $3.5 billion

① Evergrande’s registered capital of new energy vehicles increased to US $3.5 billion
According to Tianyan, recently, Evergrande New Energy Automobile Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and its registered capital has increased from about US $2.515 billion to US $3.5 billion, an increase of 39.15%. In addition, on September 30 this year, Evergrande New Energy changed once, and its registered capital increased from $2.015 billion to $2.515 billion, an increase of 24.81%. It is understood that Evergrande New Energy was established in January 2019, and its business scope includes investment in the fields permitted by the state for foreign investment (limited to foreign-invested enterprises). The equity penetration chart shows that the company is controlled by Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Holding (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Evergrande Hengchi New Energy Vehicle (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
② The crystal optoelectronic DOE products have been produced in small quantities and are mainly used in the fields of financial payment and smart home
Crystal Optoelectronics said on the investor interaction platform that crystal Optoelectronics DOE products have been produced in small quantities, mainly used in the field of financial payment and smart home. Crystal Optoelectronics is an enterprise specialized in the design, research and development and manufacturing of optical optoelectronics industry. Its main products include precision thin film optical components, biometric element components, new display components, thin film optical panels, reflective materials, etc., and are widely used in smart phones, digital cameras, tablets, wearable devices, laptops, security monitoring, automotive electronics, protective supplies and other downstream terminal products.
③ Chibang: In the third quarter of this year, the total revenue of global NAND increased by 15% to 18.88 billion US dollars
TrendForce Chibang Consulting released the NAND Flash market report for the third quarter of 2021. Thanks to the strong demand for smart phones and servers, the global NAND flash chip shipments increased by nearly 11% in the third quarter, with the average sales unit price increasing by about 4%, and the industry’s total revenue increased by 15% to 18.88 billion US dollars. Among them, Samsung Electronics still ranks first in the NAND industry, with a market share of 34.5%. Due to the tight supply in the global NAND market, the average price of Samsung’s products has increased by 10%. This made Samsung NAND flash memory revenue reach 6.51 billion US dollars in the third quarter, up 16.5% month-on-month.
④ TSMC outsources part of the CoWoS process to OSAT
According to industry sources, TSMC has outsourced part of the process of CoWoS packaging business to OSAT such as Sunrise, Silicon Products, and Reliance, especially in the field of small batch customized products. For some high-performance chips that need small batch production, TSMC only processes the CoW process at the wafer level, while outsourcing the oS process to OSAT. Similar cooperation models are expected to continue in the future 3D IC packaging.
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