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Who said that commercial aircraft have no high performance! Ruilong 5 5600G vs Core i5-11400: no suspense

1、 Preface: AMD Ruilong Dasi commercial aircraft also has high performance
Since AMD launched the Zen3 architecture of the Ruilong 5000 series processor, it has killed all sides in the market. Whether it is single-core performance, multi-core performance or game performance, it is far better than Intel’s 10 and 11 generations of Core, and even the latest 12 generations of Core are still competitive. For friends who have a little knowledge of hardware, the direct call to AMD is completely hard.
With the support of 7nm process technology and Zen3 architecture, the power consumption and heating performance of the Ruilong 5000 series are also excellent, and with higher cost performance, it is not only the first choice of many consumer users, but also favored by the enterprise commercial market.
The Ruilong 5000G series APU built on the Zen3 architecture integrates a powerful Vega GPU, which can save significant costs for enterprise procurement and meet daily office needs. Commercial PC products are increasingly rich.
Among them, Lenovo ThinkCentre M600t is a representative product, which has also been upgraded to the Ruilong 5000G series APU. The product we received from Fast Technology is equipped with the Ruilong 5 5600G.
It adopts TSMC 7nm technology, Zen3 architecture, 6 cores and 12 threads, basic frequency 3.9GHz, acceleration frequency 4.4GHz, L3 cache 16MB, with Vega 7 GPU, TDP power consumption 65W.
In other aspects, Lenovo’s commercial computer also carries 16GB dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory, 512GB solid-state hard disk, and USB Type-C and USB Type-A interfaces.
In order to more intuitively show the level of the 5 5600G, we also found another Google, positioned similar to the commercial machine, Dell Vestro 3890.
It is equipped with Intel Core i5-11400 processor, 14nm technology, 6 cores and 12 threads, basic frequency of 2.6GHz, acceleration frequency of 4.4GHz, L3 cache of 12MB, core display of UHD 730, and TDP of 65W.
Other aspects include 8GB DDR4 - 3200 memory and 256GB solid state hard disk, but the interface is slightly shrunk. USB is Type - A.
Of course, hard disk, memory, interface and other aspects are not our most important content. This evaluation only focuses on the performance of the processor.
Next, let’s see who has better performance and how it performs in a productive environment, AMD Ruilong 5 5600G and Intel Core i5-11400.
The following figure shows the comparative parameter information of two CPUs and two complete machines:
2、 CPU performance: Ruilong 5 5600G single-core and multi-core are better
In the following evaluation process, our system adopts Windows 10 family Chinese version, and the power mode is “best performance”.
Next, look at the comparison of CPU performance.
The pictures in the evaluation part are AMD Ruilong 5 5600G on the top and Intel Core i5 - 11400 on the bottom.
1. Hardware dog
Hardware dog is a professional hardware detection and running tool produced by Fast Technology. Relying on the self-developed algorithm of Fast Technology and authoritative test modules such as 3DMark, it can quickly, accurately and comprehensively test the overall configuration of PC, conduct single and comprehensive tests on the CPU processor, GPU graphics card, memory and hard disk of the computer, inspect the performance of the whole machine, and pass the global performance ranking to know its performance level.
The hardware dog gave an overall score of 259441 for the business desktop equipped with the Ruilong 5 5600G, in which the processor score was 131010 and the core display score was 35005.
The evaluation given by the hardware dog is that it can play some games with low graphics requirements.
The hardware dog gave a total score of 132173 for the business machine equipped with the Core i5-11400, of which the CPU score was 74674 and the core display score was 11135.
The evaluation given by the hardware dog is that it is suitable for office use, but it needs to do rendering work, and it needs a stronger CPU. If you want to play games, you need to use it with independent display.
In the CPU-Z benchmark test, the single-core performance of the Ruilong 55600G is 611.5, and the multi-core performance is 4740.9.
Core i5-11400 has a single-core score of 535.3 and a multi-core score of 3727.5.