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The second generation Bluetooth chip of Hengxuan Technology has been mass-produced and has not been used for Xiaoai speaker

On March 10, Hengxuan Technology said on the investor interaction platform that the smart home market is an important strategic layout direction of the company. The company’s second-generation WiFi/Bluetooth dual-mode AIoT SoC chips for smart home applications have been mass-produced and listed, and will continue to expand new customers. In addition to being used in WiFi smart speakers, the chip can also be widely used in smart home appliances and other fields as an intelligent voice module in the future.
It is reported that the first generation smart watch chip of Hengxuan Technology has been applied to Huawei GT3/Runner, Xiaomi watchcolor2/S1, VivoWatch 2 and other watches. More watch projects are still in progress. More terminal products will be released in succession this year. The second generation smart watch chip of Hengxuan Technology is a fully integrated single chip scheme using 12nm advanced technology, and is expected to be launched in the second half of this year.
It is noteworthy that Hengxuan Technology responded that Xiaomi Redmi Xiaoai Touch Audio 8 did not use its own chip.
In addition, Hengxuan Technology also said on the platform that the company will continue to invest in research and development, maintain rapid chip iteration capability, and introduce a new generation of SoC master chips with advanced technology in the field of smart wearable, which can be applied to Bluetooth TWS headphones, smart watches, etc., and is expected to be gradually introduced to the market in 2022.
Hengxuan Technology said that several of the company’s current products, TWS headset, smart watch and smart home chip products, we think will maintain good growth in the next few years, and wifi&Bluetooth connectivity chips are expected to achieve productization this year, gradually bringing new revenue increment to the company. At present, we are constantly developing in the two major directions of smart wearable and smart home to enhance our strength.
According to the data, the main products of Hengxuan Technology are ordinary Bluetooth audio chips, intelligent Bluetooth audio chips, Type-C audio chips and WiFi intelligent audio chips. Hengxuan Technology intelligent audio SoC chip integrates multi-core CPU, WiFi/Bluetooth baseband and RF, audio CODEC, power management, storage, embedded voice AI and active noise reduction and other functional modules, and is the main control platform chip of intelligent audio equipment.
According to the 2021 third quarter report of Hengxuan Technology, the company’s main revenue was 1.231 billion yuan, up 83.97% year on year; Net profit attributable to the parent company was 294 million yuan, up 151.31% year on year; Deduction of non-net profit of 209 million yuan, up 109.55% year on year; In the third quarter of 2021, the company’s main revenue in a single quarter was 498 million yuan, up 50.22% year on year; The net profit attributable to the parent company in a single quarter was 105 million yuan, up 54.05% year on year; The non-net profit deducted in a single quarter was 73.5512 million yuan, up 9.93% year on year; The debt ratio is 6.75%, the investment income is 63.2173 million yuan, the financial expenses are -2.3507 million yuan, and the gross profit rate is 37.33%.