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E Disassembly: the home-made 5G mobile phone with three protections, AGM X5 and Huben processor

While many mobile phone brands are competing to catch up, one kind of mobile phone is also developing silently. Even though this kind of mobile phone does not follow the trend of fashion and fashion, it still has its unique “loyal fans”. This is the three-prevention machine.
In fact, eWiseTech has also removed some tri-proof mobile phones before. However, after entering the 5G market, the AGM X5 is indeed the first three anti-5G mobile phone of small E income, and many of its components are from domestic, so let’s have a look.
Disassembly procedure
As a three-prevention machine, the removed card holder must be covered with silicone rubber rings. The waterproof adhesive between the rear cover and the inner support is relatively thick. It is heated and opened by suction cups and warps. The rear fingerprint identification sensor is located under the graphite sheet of the rear cover, which needs to be carefully disconnected.
The camera cover plate and NFC coil can also be removed on the rear cover, and graphite sheet is pasted on the NFC coil for heat dissipation.
The top main board cover and the bottom auxiliary board cover are fixed by screws, and both are fixed with internal buckles to increase the stability of the fuselage.
The main board, as well as the speaker and sub-board, and the connecting soft board can be removed together. The front of the main board is coated with thermal conductive silicone grease for heat dissipation. The speaker module also has a small graphite chip for heat dissipation. The front and rear camera modules can also be removed together, and the BTB interface is fixed and protected with conductive tape.
The battery is covered with a layer of metal protective cover plate and fixed by double-sided adhesive. The metal plate is fixed on the middle frame by screws. The battery is fixed on the internal support by double-sided adhesive tape.
The key soft plate, vibrator and earpiece are fixed by rubber, and the key soft plate is also covered with protective rubber strips.
The screen and the inner support are fixed by a large amount of waterproof glue, and need to be separated by a heating table. The front of the inner support is pasted with a large area of graphite sheet, and under the graphite sheet is a large area of liquid cooling pipe.
As a tri-proof mobile phone, the AGM X5 fuselage middle frame is covered with rubber, and the four corners are used as the stress concentration point, and additionally covered with rubber. This design can maximize the protection of the fuselage screen. At the same time, in order to adapt to the more severe environment, all interfaces are protected by rubber covers.
Motherboard ic information
Main ICs on the front of the main board (below):
1: Unisoc - UDS710 - Unisplendor T7510 processor chip
3: unisoc - UMP510G5 - power management chip
4: unisoc - UDX710 - 5G module chip
5: unisoc - UMP510G5 - power management chip
Main ICs on the back of the main board (below):
1: unisoc - UMW2651 - WiFi / BT chip
2: unisoc - SC2703P - fast charging chip
3: Skyworks - SKY58254-11 - front-end module chip
4: Skyworks - SKY58255 - 11 - front-end module chip
5: unisoc - UMT710 - RF transceiver chip
6: Skyworks - SKY58255 - 11 - front-end module chip
7: unisoc - UMT710L - RF transceiver chip
8: QORVO - QM77040 - front-end module chip
9: QORVO - QM77032 - front-end module chip
Summary information
The disassembly of the AGM X5 is difficult. The whole machine uses a total of 21 fixing screws and a relatively common three-section structure. Although it has strong reducibility, as a three-prevention mobile phone, there are waterproof measures in many places inside, so it is difficult to ensure waterproof after disassembly.
In order to ensure the overall stability, the main and auxiliary plate covers are fixed by internal buckles and screws, and the battery and other components are also protected by protective covers. The whole machine adopts thermal conductive silicone grease+graphite sheet+liquid cooling pipe for heat dissipation.