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Some characteristics of CBN grinding wheel summary

#CBN Grinding wheel #

1, High hardness and high toughness, CBN is a superhard material second only to diamond in hardness, much higher than corundum and silicon carbide, with better cutting force and sharper.

2, High temperature resistance, good thermal stability, can withstand the high temperature of 1250 to 1350 degrees Celsius, higher than diamond 800 degrees, when grinding and cutting iron materials, there will be no iron sticking phenomenon. Quenched steel, high speed steel and other temperature sensitive metal is the most ideal grinding wheel.

3, Chemical inertness, this side should not react to iron, high-speed steel, tool steel, die steel, hardened steel, Luosteel, tungsten alloy powder and superalloy and other high temperature, high hardness of the material chemical properties are stable, CBN grinding wheel thermal conductivity can reach tens to hundreds of times of corundum, a lot of heat. Rapid export, reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

4, Good processing performance, good processing quality.

Because the CBN grinding wheel can preserve the state of the micro-edge for a long time, the accuracy and surface roughness are more ideal when machining the workpiece, so that the durability of the grinding wheel can provide 10%-30%. Therefore, even if it is processed in batches, high shape and accuracy can be obtained. With higher dimensional accuracy, lower surface roughness, machining surface is not easy to crack and burn. Improve the processing quality, can improve the workpiece, durability 30%-56%, strong wear resistance, long life, CBN grinding rate can reach three thousand five thousand five thousand ah.

200 times higher than corundum, three to five times higher than diamond.

5, Environmental pollution. Energy saving, not too much dust, dust.

6, Work efficiency is high, economic comprehensive economic benefits are good. The need to repair the cycle is long, the amount of correction is small, the replacement time is long, the service cycle is long, the grinding ratio is high, and the economy can be obtained, and the shape is maintained in use without frequent replacement and dressing, saving time and improving working conditions.

Some characteristics of CBN grinding wheel summary