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Solar container introduction

Mobile container photovoltaic power generation system, the system is suitable for remote areas, need self-electricity, easy to disassemble, install and transport. The system adopts the transformation of standard containers and multiple groups of photovoltaic modules, which can meet more power generation needs and special environmental and off-grid situations. Photovoltaic container is to add power generation equipment on the basis of containers, this power generation is the use of solar cell semiconductor material photovoltaic effect, the solar radiation directly converted into electrical energy, a new type of power generation system, so that photovoltaic containers more standardized, as ships, roads, tunnels and other supporting logistics system.

Performance characteristics of photovoltaic container

1, small size, compact structure, only about 1/3 of the domestic box transformer with the same capacity

2, fully sealed, fully insulated, no insulation distance, personal safety and reliability:

3, it can be used not only for the ring network, but also for the terminal glass. The conversion is very convenient and improves the reliability of the power supply

4, low loss

5, the cable connector can operate 200A load current, in an emergency can be used as a load switch

6, the use of double fuse protection, reduce operating costs. Insert fuses are dual sensitive fuses (temperature and current)

7, wiring mode and three-phase five-column structure has the advantages of high voltage quality, neutral point does not drift, box does not heat and so on. Low noise, good lightning protection performance.

This is the introduction of solar energy containers

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