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Samsung Electronics released three auto chips to accelerate market share

Recently, Samsung Electronics officially released three automotive chips for the demand of advanced automotive chips, one of which is a chip supporting 5G communication, one is a power management chip for stable power supply, and the other is a chip installed in the information and entertainment system of Volkswagen.
According to media reports, the new automobile chip mentioned above was developed by “System LSI” of Samsung Electronics. Public information shows that the System LSI business is committed to providing a comprehensive product portfolio for the mobile industry, including mobile processors, image sensors, biological processors, security and display solutions.
According to smart bud data, Samsung Electronics has more than 27000 patent applications related to “chip” in 126 countries/regions around the world. From the perspective of trend, Samsung Electronics’ patent applications in this field have shown a steady upward trend in recent years.
In addition, from the perspective of patent status, more than 25% of Samsung Electronics’ patents in the chip field are valid; In terms of patent types, more than 97% of patents are invention patents; From the perspective of patent layout, Samsung Electronics’ patent applications in chip field in recent years mainly focus on semiconductor, integrated circuit, electrical connection, packaging, insulation layer, memory, processor and other technical fields.
(Note: The data included in Smart Bud’s global patent database include patents that have been published in 126 countries/regions. Generally speaking, it takes 4 to 18 months for patents to be queried from application to publication)