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Microsoft’s US $16 billion acquisition of Nuance will be approved by the European Union

① The US $16 billion acquisition of Nuance will be approved by the EU
Reuters reported that Microsoft’s US $16 billion acquisition of Nuance Communications, an artificial intelligence and voice technology company, will be approved by the EU’s antitrust authority. It is reported that the European Commission will approve the transaction at its meeting on December 21. The United States and Australia have approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance. About 80% of American hospitals use Nuance Communications technology. Nuance Communications is a pioneer in voice technology and has helped develop Apple Siri. Its intelligent solutions include clinical speech recognition, medical imaging, etc.
② Yiwei Semiconductor won a strategic investment of 100 million yuan, serving customers including Xiaomi, Haier, Midea, etc
According to Amicro, Tengchuang Technology will invest 100 million yuan in a strategic investment in a micro-semiconductor. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of robotics and industry in the future, and actively promote the diversified development of Macao’s industry through the integration of advantageous resources. Founded in 2014, Yiwei Semiconductor is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on robotics and large-scale high-integration digital-analog hybrid chip design. It has many cutting-edge technologies such as digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit (SoC) design, robot algorithm, robot development platform and large-scale chip mass production experience, and is committed to providing platform-level turnkey solution with chips and algorithms as the core for downstream customers.
211213 core reports that Microsoft’s US $16 billion acquisition of Nuance will be approved by the European Union
③ BMW signed a supply agreement with INOVA and Gexin
According to foreign media reports, the German carmaker BMW Group announced that it had signed chip supply agreements with the microchip manufacturer INOVA Semiconductor (hereinafter referred to as INOVA) in Munich, Germany, and the American chip manufacturer Global Foundries. According to the agreement, INOVA and Gexin promise to supply millions of chips to BMW every year. BMW said in a statement that these chips will be deployed first on the BMW iX model and then on other models.
④ Italy France Semiconductor Launches the Third Generation STPOWER Silicon Carbide MOSFET Transistor
The third generation STPOWER Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET transistor was introduced by Italian Semiconductor. Promote the cutting-edge application of power equipment in electric vehicle power system and other scenarios with high power density, high energy efficiency and high reliability as important objectives. Eduardo Merli, vice president of Italian and French Semiconductor Automotive and Discrete Device Products Division and general manager of Power Transistor Business Division, said that the company will continue to invest in and promote automotive and industrial projects, and it is expected that the revenue of Italian and French Semiconductor SiC will reach US $1 billion in 2024.
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