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In 2022, the South China Electronics Exhibition in Munich, Chengdu Silicon Semiconductor successfully concluded!

2022 Munich South China Electronics Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Munich Exhibition” or “Exhibition”) was officially launched on November 15, and the exhibition was successfully closed on November 17. This year’s Munich exhibition gathered nearly 1000 high-quality electronic enterprises at home and abroad, covering the upstream and downstream industries from product design to application landing, and displayed a wealth of contents such as semiconductors, sensors, Internet of Things technology, automotive electronics and testing.
During the exhibition, OFweek WEEK · live broadcast of electronic engineering interviewed Mr. Dai Maozhou, General Manager of Chengdu Rongsi Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rongsi Semiconductor”), who introduced the core advantages, product development concepts and technical highlights of Rongsi Semiconductor in detail.
NOVUS SEMICONDUCTORS CO., LTD., founded in 2019, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design and development of silicon carbide power devices. Rongsi Semiconductor has an international team that has mastered the core technology of silicon carbide, integrated the advanced silicon carbide manufacturing process platforms in Taiwan and Europe, established a complete supply chain with the combination of mainland sealing and application solutions, and launched the NovuSiC with high cost performance according to different application scenarios? Series products and highly reliable DuraSiC? Series products.
Amazing appearance at Munich Electronics Exhibition
Rongsi Semiconductor introduced the following three products to OFweek Wiki · Electronic Engineering.
First, 1200V, 20A NovuSiC® EJBS™ Silicon carbide diode. This product is designed for photovoltaic application scenarios. Through the perfect combination of innovative device structure and technology, JBS structure devices have the high anti-surge current capacity (more than 11 times) comparable to MPS structure, and can withstand 288W power, with a maximum current of 26A.
We are looking forward to seeing you again! Rongsi semiconductor with silicon carbide power devices made a stunning appearance at the South China Electronics Exhibition, Munich, 2022
Next is MCR® Silicon based ideal diode. This is a patented technology introduced by Rongsi Semiconductor from the University of Electronic Science and Technology. It has the advantages of high surge current resistance (30 times), high junction temperature stability (175 ℃), low conduction voltage drop (as low as 0.8V) and high breakdown voltage (as high as 300V).
OFweek Wiki · Electronic Engineering learned that this can be said to be a diode without short board, especially suitable for applications requiring low leakage and low loss.
We are looking forward to seeing you again! Rongsi semiconductor with silicon carbide power devices made a stunning appearance at the South China Electronics Exhibition, Munich, 2022
Finally, 1200V / 75m Ω NovuSiC® Silicon carbide MOSFET, its dynamic performance has reached the international level, short circuit withstand time>3 μ s. When V (GS)=18V, Ron, sp=4.17m Ω. cm2, all indicators are leading in the country. According to General Manager Dai, Rongsi Semiconductor will carry out the first MOSFET G2 chip at the end of the year, which can achieve the most advanced product performance in the world today.
Provide comprehensive solutions for the South China market
OFweek Wiki · Electronic Engineering learned from President Dai that South China is the key area for Rongsi semiconductor business promotion, and the company provides comprehensive solutions for photovoltaic, energy storage, charging pile, OBC and other applications in the South China market. In the application of 500W portable energy storage power supply, compared with FRD, Rongsi MCR® The device can reduce 18.7% loss and 13 ℃ device junction temperature. In the 20kW DC charging module, compared with silicon-based devices, Rongsi NovuSiC® The scheme can reduce the number of devices by 50%; Reduce the total loss by more than 50%; The improvement efficiency is about 2%, and the peak value can reach more than 97%.
In the interview, President Dai also talked about his views on the trend and development direction of the electronics industry in South China. He said that South China has the largest semiconductor and integrated circuit application market in China, and the supply chain guarantee capability and modernization level are among the top in China. Rongsi Semiconductor has IATF 16949 certification and an experienced international team in the whole supply chain, and has achieved excellent results in terms of ideal silicon-based diode MCR and silicon carbide diode EJBS® And silicon carbide MOSFET keep improving in the research and development process, and all performance indicators of the product are on the same track. Rongsi Semiconductor will continue to provide high-quality products for the South China market based on the highest industry standards and promote the sustainable development of the electronics industry in the region.
It is reported that Rongsi Semiconductor has set up a regional office in South China and is preparing an application support center to develop targeted products and solutions based on the local market, provide application technical guidance, and provide customers with “double excellent” services of “best performance at the same price and best price under the same performance”.
President Dai talked about the feeling of the Munich exhibition
Since the launch of the three days, the Rongsi Semiconductor Exhibition has attracted many hard technology practitioners and industry people to stop to watch, inquire and exchange.
We are looking forward to seeing you again! Rongsi semiconductor with silicon carbide power devices made a stunning appearance at the South China Electronics Exhibition, Munich, 2022
Speaking of the experience of this exhibition, President Dai said, “This is our first time to participate in the South China Electronics Exhibition in Munich. I hope that we can use this platform to let the world see us!”. At the same time, he said that in the following South China Electronics Exhibition in Munich and the next Shanghai Electronics Exhibition in Munich, Rongsi Semiconductor will actively participate in it, hoping to find suitable partners, expand sales channels in South China, let customers know and understand Rongsi Semiconductor, let Rongsi Semiconductor provide customers with powerful products, and achieve a “win-win” situation