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Dongguan has released the development plan of digital economy, which will achieve technological breakthroughs in high-speed optoelectronics and other fields

Recently, the Dongguan Municipal People’s Government Office issued the Dongguan Digital Economy Development Plan (2022-2025), which proposed to break through a number of “stuck neck” technologies and products in the fields of high-end sensor chips, 5G RF chips, high-speed optoelectronic devices, Mini/Micro LED displays, CAE, PLC, distributed operating systems and databases, and get rid of the adverse situation of being controlled by others.
In the electronic component industry, Dongguan will improve its industrial innovation capability on the one hand. Relying on innovative carriers such as the Songshan Lake Material Laboratory and the third generation semiconductor technology innovation center of Guangdong Province, we will vigorously develop new electronic components with miniaturization, high frequency, low power consumption, fast response and high precision, and focus on the development of key technologies and products such as high-performance sensor components, new optical communication devices, and high-precision optical components, so as to promote electronic component enterprises and complete machine manufacturers to jointly carry out core technology research, Promote the construction of high-end chip capacitors, inductors, resistors and other components production lines, and improve the level of localization.
On the other hand, Dongguan will strengthen market application and promotion. In key industries such as intelligent terminals, industrial Internet, data centers, industrial automation equipment, high-end equipment manufacturing, we will promote the linkage between electronic component enterprises and equipment and instrument enterprises, and complete machine enterprises, and accelerate the differential application of new electronic components. Explore the establishment of a market-oriented global electronic components trading center, carry out the design, research and development, manufacturing, testing and other businesses of electronic components, and promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream supply chains and industrial chains.
In the semiconductor integrated circuit industry, Dongguan will promote the third-generation semiconductor industry at a high level. Accelerate the breakthrough of the key technologies of the third generation semiconductor materials, and carry out the technology research and development and industrialization of semiconductor materials, devices and modules such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide, relying on the National Third Generation Semiconductor Technology Innovation Center (Dongguan Branch), Guangdong Everbright University’s Third Generation Semiconductor Research and Manufacturing Center, and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory. Actively layout the research, development and innovation of the third-generation semiconductor device-level packaging technology, support existing enterprises to introduce advanced packaging and testing production lines, and promote the scale of new packaging technology with independent intellectual property rights.
At the same time, Dongguan Integrated Circuit Industry Alliance was established to integrate the resources of upstream and downstream enterprises, scientific research institutes, public service platforms and other parties in the industrial chain such as the third generation semiconductor, integrated circuit R&D and design, packaging and testing, and downstream applications, to promote collaborative innovation, project cooperation, information sharing, supply chain cooperation, and financial cooperation, and to improve industrial cooperation capabilities.
This year, emerging fields such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, smart cars and so on have flourished in the world, especially the demand for chips in high-end application scenarios represented by automobiles and industrial control has continued to soar, bringing incremental space for the demand for integrated circuits and a huge market for Dongguan semiconductor industry.
After years of cultivation, Dongguan has initially formed an industrial chain with chip design, third-generation semiconductor materials and packaging testing as the core and integrated circuit related application industries as the support. According to the data, at present, there are 257 above-scale enterprises involved in semiconductor R&D, production and sales in Dongguan, with a revenue of 54.2 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 16%.
According to the plan, by 2025, the scale of Dongguan’s digital economy core industry is planned to exceed 1.3 trillion yuan, the operating revenue of electronic information manufacturing industry will reach 1.2 trillion yuan, and the operating revenue of software and information technology service industry will reach 30 billion yuan. Efforts will be made to build more than two national digital economic parks, achieve full coverage of the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises on the scale, and build an internationally famous digital economy city at a high level National manufacturing digital transformation demonstration city.