Fast radium laser won the 2022 Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award

On January 6th, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology released a public list of the comprehensive evaluation results of the 2022 Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award. The “Key Technologies and Applications of High Power 2 Micron Lasers” project, jointly conducted by Xunlei Laser and Jiangsu Normal University, won the second prize of the 2022 Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award.
The Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award is the highest level award in the science and technology field in the province. It mainly encourages science and technology projects that have achieved significant economic or social benefits in technological innovation, technological development, social welfare, major engineering construction, promotion and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech industrialization, social welfare, and other aspects. This award has a high gold content and is a “touchstone” for testing the gold content of technological development.
Adhering to the high-end positioning of the industry, Xunlei Laser specializes in providing multiple series of intelligent equipment production lines and comprehensive laser application solutions for the global manufacturing industry, including laser cutting machines, laser pipe cutting machines, laser welding machines, semiconductor equipment, new energy battery production lines, auto parts automation production lines, etc.
As a technology driven high-tech enterprise, the company adheres to R&D and innovation as the driving force. Currently, it has provincial technology engineering centers, graduate workstations, and postdoctoral incubation stations, and closely cooperates with upstream and downstream enterprises, universities, and scientific research institutions to build a solid technological moat.