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10.3-inch became the highest monthly sales size of the e-paper flat online market for the first time

With the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, visible in the sun and continuous display after power failure, electronic paper can replace traditional paper in most scenarios, and is one of the best display solutions to help the vision of carbon neutrality. Large size is an important direction for the development of electronic paper technology in the future.
The application terminals of electronic paper products are mainly divided into two categories: B-end and C-end. The B-end application is mainly electronic shelf label (ESL), with the largest number of shipments. From the perspective of shipping area, the flat panel products facing the C end will be the most potential application terminal of electronic paper display technology.
According to the data of RUNTO, in the first three quarters of 2022, the global e-paper tablet market shipped nearly 8 million units. In fact, in 2022, e-paper tablets began to enter the first year of the outbreak. From the development of the existing market, although the sales volume of China’s e-paper tablet market accounts for less than 10% of the global total, the Chinese market is currently the most dynamic sales area, and Chinese brands are releasing new products every month, and are gradually taking the lead in market volume and product innovation.
In October, the Chinese market has ushered in another wave of new product release upsurge. Up to now, a total of 18 new e-paper tablet products have been released. Among them, 8 are 10.3 inches, accounting for 44.4%. 2022Q4 Summary of new product release in China’s e-paper flat market
Information source: organized by RUNTO
In the past, e-paper tablets have been dominated by readers for a long time, with the size of mainly 6 inches. Large-sized products are relatively small and the number of users is small. However, with the continuous expansion of the application scenario of e-paper tablets this year, people’s demand for large size has increased rapidly.
In addition, according to the RUNTO consumer survey, some users are still hesitant about the choice of 10.3 inch or 13.3 inch. 10.3 inch is the size of A5 paper; 13.3 inches is the size of A4 paper, which is the same size as the mainstream notebook screen. From the user feedback results, 10.3 inches can basically cover the substance of a page of paper, and left and right are left blank, which is acceptable to most consumers; At the same time, compared with 13.3 inches, it is convenient to carry and has an advantage of 1000 yuan in price.
From the market data side, according to the online monitoring data of RUNTO in November, 10.3 inches accounted for 28.1% of the sales volume, surpassing 6 inches for the first time to become the product size with the highest monthly sales volume.
Top 10 size of China’s e-paper flat online market in November 2022
Data source: online data of RUNTO, unit:%
Attachment: RUNTO E-paper flat classification
The e-paper reader is mainly used for reading e-books, browsing news and other life scenes with reading as its core function. The e-paper tablet with massive reading resources is generally small in size (less than 9 inches) and low in price (less than 2000 yuan).
E-paper intelligent office book has complex functions, not only reading function, but also handwriting, biometric recognition, voice conversion, multi-device collaboration, split screen and other functions. It is mainly used in conference, business negotiation and other office scenes. Generally, the size is too large (more than 9 inches) and the price is too high (more than 3000 yuan).
The e-paper intelligent learning book is an e-paper intelligent tablet with the core functions of educational resources, educational entertainment, educational application, learning planning, knowledge testing, specialty development, etc., which is mainly used in autonomous learning, classroom teaching and other educational scenes. Generally, the size is too large (more than 9 inches) and the price is too high (more than 3000 yuan).