ZTE will set up an automotive electronics product line

On the evening of March 2, according to Tencent, ZTE announced that on March 2, it would establish an automotive electronics product line, responsible for coordinating relevant research and development and operation units, and directing the implementation of major external principles Enterprise caliber and overall operation in this field.
In cooperation with the automotive electronics product line, ZTE will establish an automotive electronics team, which is subordinate to the System Product Technical Planning Department and is responsible for unified business planning and operation in the automotive electronics field. https://www.stoneitech .com/
This move is similar to Huawei’s establishment of a smart car BU in the telecommunications sector.
Although ZTE did not formally respond to any questions about its automotive electronics product line, several employees of ZTE confirmed that the news had indeed occurred.
This is not the first time ZTE has entered the automotive industry. As early as 2016, ZTE successfully acquired Zhuhai Guangtong Bus, and subsequently established ZTE Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd., recruiting relevant talents to enter the field of new energy vehicles, creating an important new industry segment for the parent company.
At that time, ZTE was already mature in wireless charging technology and wanted to focus on developing new energy commercial vehicles such as buses.
However, with market changes, the entry of many new forces such as Weilai and Xiaopeng, as well as the entry of established car manufacturers and Internet giants such as Baidu, ZTE seems to have shifted its business focus to the passenger car market for mass consumption
Currently, ZTE Communications is positioned as a supplier of automotive electronics products, mainly distributing autonomous driving enabling products, such as the self-developed 5G-V2X solution, including 5G vehicle coupling module C-V2X, industrial roadside unit RSU, remote cloud control platform, etc. It has successively participated in vehicle road collaboration projects in Changsha Pilot Area, Xiong’an Demonstration Area, Hainan Pilot Area, Wuxi Pilot Area, and other projects.