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Yunji won another honor at the Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award Ceremony

From November 30 to December 1, the 9th Wu Wenjun Award for Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology and the 2019 China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Conference, hosted by the China Artificial Intelligence Society, were solemnly held in the studio of the Suzhou Radio and Television University Building. Yunji Technology attended the award ceremony and received the “Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Technology Progress Award”. This time, after winning the Innovation Engineering Award in 2017, Yunji Technology again won a more prestigious award. Yunji Technology is also the only commercial company to receive this award for independent research and development.
During the award ceremony, local artificial intelligence societies, universities, research institutes, group member units, and senior academicians and scholars gathered to witness the promulgation of 82 awards. Dai Qionghai, president of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence and academician of the CAE Member, said that the award aims to implement the policy of “respecting labor, knowledge, talent and creation”, set the goal of “encouraging innovation and achieving the future”, and reward scientific and technological workers and managers who have made significant breakthroughs in the field of intelligent science and technology and made outstanding contributions. By recommending and selecting outstanding intelligent science and technology achievements, we can effectively mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of intelligent technology workers, and promote the empowerment of artificial intelligence technology in various industries.
The 2019 Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award was nominated and recommended by various local artificial intelligence societies, universities, research institutes, group member units, and senior academicians and scholars across the country. 84 academicians and experts, including Academician Li Deyi, Academician Dai Qionghai, Academician Wu Zhaohui, Academician Lu Ruqian, Academician Li Bohu, Academician Wu Cheng, Academician Zhou Shouhuan, were invited to form multiple evaluation subcommittees, and after preliminary evaluation and final evaluation defense, And conduct a 10-day public announcement to finally confirm the winning list.
During the event, the organizing committee of the conference also launched 8 thematic forums and sub forums, covering fields such as knowledge intelligence industrial applications, medical artificial intelligence, robotics, intelligent education, big data perception, intelligent driving, and so on. The founding partner and CPO of Yunji Technology, Ying Fuchen, was invited to participate in the “Intelligent Robot Application Forum”, sharing the achievements and applications of Yunji Technology products in indoor positioning and navigation, robot movement, big data, and other aspects with the guests present. Together with the guests at the forum, they conducted in-depth analysis of the professional application of artificial intelligence, and discussed the key core technology routes of artificial intelligence in in-depth application scenarios, Communication on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the field of enterprise technological innovation plays a positive role in promoting the integration, transformation and development of artificial intelligence and industry.
As a leading domestic technology company specializing in the application and technological research and development of commercial robot products, this award is a full recognition and encouragement for the application of Yunji Technology in artificial intelligence, technological innovation, and commercialization. Yunji Technology will continue to uphold a solid work attitude, develop an enterprising spirit of ingenuity, continue to research, continue to innovate, and contribute to the field of service robots.