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“Ximeier” under Everett won the Science and Technology Progress Award of Anhui Province

On April 20, 2021, the scientific research achievement “Research and Development of Intelligent Spraying Robot System for High Speed Rail Surface Treatment” of Everett’s “Spraying Expert, Ximeier” won the third prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.
“Spraying Expert, Ximeier” has developed intelligent spraying robots and intelligent spraying complete solutions for high-speed rail surface treatment, with the original intention of meeting the national strategic needs and the actual needs of high-speed rail industry lighthouse customers.
China has the world’s most modern railway network and the most developed high-speed rail network. By the end of 2019, China’s railway operating mileage has reached over 139000 kilometers, including 35000 kilometers of high-speed rail, ranking first in the world. China has become the country with the longest high-speed railway mileage, the highest transportation density, and the most complex network operation scenarios in the world. From scratch, China’s high-speed railway has become a unique and beautiful “business card” for China’s development, achievements, and values.
The beautiful appearance of high-speed rail cannot be separated from advanced spraying technology. Currently, some high-speed rail vehicle bodies and components still use manual spraying, which has problems such as poor working environment, low spraying efficiency, uneven paint film thickness, and poor paint surface quality.
In recent years, some leading high-speed railway enterprises have begun to introduce spraying robots, and some have realized automatic painting operations for high-speed railway bodies. However, the spraying robots and their peripheral equipment are all foreign brands, and the application of domestic spraying robots in the field of high-speed railway is still blank.
In order to break the monopoly of foreign spraying robots on the high-speed rail industry and solve the pain points and blockages encountered in the manufacturing process of high-speed rail car bodies in white, especially during the spraying process, Evert and its “spraying expert, Ximeier” have devoted themselves to research and development, and have conquered key technologies in spraying robots, such as empty wrist technology, robot explosion-proof technology, offline programming technology, and robotic spraying integration of large and complex curved components, Developed a complete set of intelligent spraying solutions for high-speed railway body in white based on the GR6150HW spraying robot, achieving successful application in some leading enterprises in the field of rail transit.
GR6150HW spraying robot for intelligent spraying of high-speed railway
In order to adapt to the harsh and high-quality spraying requirements of high-speed rail, and ensure smooth and smooth spraying trajectory, Evert is developing a GR6150HW spraying robot. The robot adopts a hollow wrist structure to avoid paint pipeline winding and paint pollution during spraying movement. The mechanical body is designed with a positive pressure explosion-proof structure, with a Class I regional explosion-proof rating, and has obtained dual explosion-proof certifications from China’s PCEC and the European Union’s ATEX.
GR6150HW has a terminal load of 15kg and can be equipped with different spray tools such as spray guns or rotating cups, with a working range of 2900mm. The installation method can be ground mounted, inverted mounted, and wall mounted, making it more suitable for spraying large workpieces such as high-speed railways.
GR6150HW spraying robot has been promoted and applied to many segmented industry lighthouse customers such as rail transit, containers, automotive components, and successfully won the order of Italian FCA cars in the competition with foreign brands in 2019, and has been successfully applied to the spraying of luxury car Maserati’s white body.
A Complete Set of Intelligent Spraying Solutions for High Speed Rail with Deeply Optimized Spraying Processes
In order to ensure the high quality spraying requirements for high-speed rail white cars, the high-speed rail spraying production line should take the GR6150HW spraying robot as the core, comprehensively consider the system safety and explosion-proof design, reliability design, economic design, flexible design, redundancy design, and intelligent design, achieve flexible control and real-time adjustment of the robot spraying process, and deeply optimize the process to form a complete set of intelligent spraying solutions for high-speed rail white cars.
Safety and explosion-proof design: High speed railway paint spraying rooms are all explosion hazardous Category 1 areas. According to the requirements of national standards, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the explosion-proof design of subsystems such as robots, robot tracks, sensors, paint supply equipment in paint mixing rooms, etc.
Reliability design: Optimize system process flow from aspects such as equipment selection, process optimization, process timing, equipment protection, and system safety, improve system availability, comprehensive cost advantages, and increase efficiency and reduce cost.
Economical design: The robot spraying area is interlocked with the air supply system, and the air supply and exhaust fans are started independently according to the corresponding spraying position, achieving energy conservation and environmental protection. A mobile paint supply system needs to be designed to reduce paint color change and cleaning consumption and improve paint utilization.
Flexible design: The overall dimensions of high-speed railways, urban railways, and subways vary greatly, requiring accessibility verification and compatibility with various vehicle types to achieve flexible design of the system.
Redundancy design: comprehensively consider the degraded use of the system caused by component abnormalities to improve the availability of the entire system.
Intelligent design: Through robot control system, PLC control system, computer control system, and field bus, an intelligent, flexible, and reliable control system is established to achieve system parameter digitization and monitoring informatization.
Intelligent spraying innovation of GR6150HW spraying robot in high-speed railway field
The complete solution for GR6150HW spraying robot and high-speed rail body in white intelligent spraying has achieved technological innovation in three aspects:
1. Development of anti-collision detection and trajectory deviation system: Measure the relative position of the vehicle body in the spray booth through a distance measuring sensor. The spray system compares the position of the original trajectory model, and performs trajectory deviation of the robot and 7-axis and 8-axis linkage within the safe range of robot spray. When the deviation exceeds the range, the system alarms.
2. Development of mobile paint supply platform: Considering the special needs of high-speed railway body production, if the centralized paint supply pipeline is adopted, it will be too long, resulting in high cost of color change and operation. Therefore, a mobile paint supply platform has been innovatively developed, with short paint supply pipeline and fast response, which is more suitable for the production characteristics of small batch and multiple products of high-speed railway body.
3. Development of distributed control and production data management system: Considering the special needs of high-speed rail spraying, the installation of control proportional valves for key spraying parameters such as atomization, fan shape, and flow rate is closer to the spray gun, resulting in faster response speed. A centralized control operation platform and HMI interface are designed to make operation more convenient.