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With an annual production capacity of 1.2 million sets, another three-and-a-half generation project officially started

On February 26, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony of the “third generation semiconductor module packaging and testing project” of Great Wall Wuxi Xindong Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Xindong Semiconductor”) was held in Wuxi, marking a key step in the industrialization of the “third generation semiconductor module packaging and testing project” of Xindong Semiconductor.
Based on the power semiconductor market in China, Centro Semiconductor is deeply involved in the automotive industry and energy field, integrating openness and continuous innovation, using power semiconductors to promote the development of green energy, and providing safe, reliable and high-performance products for the market. The manufacturing base of the “third generation semiconductor module sealing and testing project” in Wuxi, with a total investment of 800 million yuan and a building area of about 30000 m2, is planned to have an annual capacity of 1.2 million sets of vehicle-grade modules. It is expected that the equipment will be fully ready to enter the factory in September 2023 and will be put into mass production as soon as the end of this year.
In 2022, China’s penetration rate of new energy vehicles will reach 25%, accounting for more than 60% of the global sales of new energy vehicles. Power devices are the core components of new energy vehicles, accounting for about 30% – 50% of the value of motor controllers. In the future, the cost, performance and even supply capacity of power devices will become a key link for vehicle enterprises to win market competition.
As a member of the forest ecosystem of Great Wall Motors, Core Semiconductor complements the power semiconductor industry chain, provides core technology and product support for the new energy market of Great Wall Motors, ensures supply security, and grasps the cost control ability of the core value chain of electrification. The layout of power semiconductors and vertical integration of the industrial chain will be a major industrial advantage of Great Wall Motors in the field of new energy.
Looking forward to the future, Core Power Semiconductor will take the development of the third generation power semiconductor SiC module and application solutions as the goal, achieve domestic substitution through independent research and development, and efficiently integrate and develop upstream and downstream resources, achieve independent control of the power semiconductor industry chain, ensure the safety of China’s new energy supply chain, and help Chinese brands to enter the global market.