What tools are used to dress cbn grinding wheels

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels are widely used in various industries due to their exceptional hardness, thermal stability, and ability to grind hard materials. However, like any tool, these grinding wheels require periodic dressing to maintain their shape and sharpness. In this article, we will explore the tools used for dressing CBN grinding wheels and their significance in ensuring optimal performance.

1. Diamond Dressing Tools:

Diamond dressing tools are commonly used for dressing CBN grinding wheels. These tools consist of single-point or multi-point diamond dressers mounted on a holder. The diamonds are selected based on their hardness and wear resistance to effectively remove bond material and expose fresh abrasive particles on the wheel surface.

2. Rotary Dressing Tools:

Rotary dressing tools are another popular choice for dressing CBN grinding wheels. These tools feature a rotating disc or roller embedded with diamond grits. As the tool rotates against the grinding wheel, the diamond grits gradually wear down the bond material and expose fresh abrasive grains, maintaining the wheel’s cutting ability.

3. Stationary Dressing Tools:

Stationary dressing tools are used for precision dressing of CBN grinding wheels. They are typically fixed in position and moved across the wheel surface manually or automatically. These tools may employ diamond nibs, diamond blocks, or diamond files to accurately shape and condition the wheel profile.

4. Dressing Sticks:

Dressing sticks are rectangular-shaped blocks made of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive material. They are commonly used for truing and dressing CBN grinding wheels to restore their shape and sharpness. Dressing sticks are available in various grit sizes, allowing for different levels of wheel abrasion and profiling.

5. Electroplated Diamond Tools:

Electroplated diamond tools, such as diamond rotary files and diamond discs, are also utilized for dressing CBN grinding wheels. These tools offer high precision and efficiency, as the diamonds are securely bonded to the tool surface through an electroplating process. They are particularly useful for intricate dressing tasks that require precise profiling.

6. Dressing Machines:

In industrial settings, dressing machines are employed to automate the dressing process of CBN grinding wheels. These machines often use a combination of diamond dressing tools, such as rotary dressers and stationary dressers, to achieve accurate and efficient dressing results. Dressing machines can be programmed to perform complex wheel profiles, ensuring consistency and reducing human error.


The proper dressing of CBN grinding wheels is crucial for maintaining their cutting performance and extending their service life. Diamond dressing tools, including single-point or multi-point diamond dressers, rotary dressers, stationary dressers, dressing sticks, and electroplated diamond tools, are commonly used for dressing CBN grinding wheels. Additionally, dressing machines offer automated and precise dressing solutions in industrial applications. By regularly using these tools, manufacturers can ensure the optimal performance of CBN grinding wheels and achieve superior grinding results in various industries.

What tools are used to dress cbn grinding wheels