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What about the “crash” of Android industrial computer? Here is the solution

Android IPC is a computer host used in industry based on Android system. Due to the poor industrial environment, Android IPC sometimes crashes during operation. What causes Android IPC to crash? How to solve it? The following are some common failures and solutions of Android industrial computer.
1、 Poor internal heat dissipation of Android IPC
The Android industrial computer is in a harsh environment, with high temperature and large dust. When dust enters the industrial control computer, the heat dissipation effect of various electronic components such as card handling and CPU is poor, causing the industrial control computer to “crash”.
Solution: regularly clean the dust inside the Android industrial computer and maintain good ventilation.
2、 Ambient temperature
The raw material and cement batching station uses the 486 industrial computer, which is sensitive to the ambient temperature. When the air conditioner is damaged in the hot summer, the Android industrial computer is easy to “crash”.
Solution: repair the air conditioner, reduce the ambient temperature of Android IPC, and ensure the normal operation of Android IPC.
3、 Check CPU fan and host power fan
The cooling of Android IPC is mainly carried out by CPU fan and power fan. When the CPU fan is damaged, the CPU temperature will rise, which will easily cause the industrial control computer to “crash”. This phenomenon has occurred in raw material batching station.
Solution: check the fan of Android industrial computer frequently and replace the damaged fan in time. When the Android industrial computer in the central control room leaves the factory, the CPU is only equipped with a heat sink, without a fan. After that, a special cooling fan was installed, which reduced the CPU temperature by nearly 5 ℃.
4、 Frequently clean up temporary files
When the industrial computer is running, it will generate a large number of temporary files, such as Temp files, which occupy the hard disk and system resources, and affect the speed of Android industrial computer processing information.
Solution: Regularly check the hard disk and delete temporary files to improve the speed of Android industrial computer processing information.
5、 Frequently maintain the system
Due to editing control program and other reasons, other application software is installed in the system. Too many application software will make the Android industrial computer run slower and slower.
Solution: Perform a comprehensive maintenance on the Android industrial computer every other period of time. Click “Start” → “Program” → “Accessories” → “System Tools” → “Maintenance Wizard”, and then click “Confirm” to perform a comprehensive maintenance on the Android industrial computer, which can keep the industrial computer in a better state. Perform “hard disk defragmentation” on the hard disk every other month, which can speed up the program operation after defragmentation.
The above contents are the common “crash” failures of Android industrial computer and the solutions. The stable operation of Android industrial computer requires not only correct operation methods, but also regular cleaning and maintenance of Android industrial computer. For more details about industrial computer, please pay attention to the Innovation and Maintenance Intelligence official website.