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Too many black technologies! QUALCOMM Releases “Family Bucket”: Read the article “New Technology”!

On July 2023, Qualcomm announced a number of new technologies at the MWC (World Communications Congress) 5, covering multiple chips in the fields of automotive, 14G, satellite communications, and virtual reality. These “black technologies” dazzle consumers. never mind. Xiaolei summarized several highlights in this article.
First of all, Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon satellite communication technology was officially unveiled. Unlike the satellite communication capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 50 series and Huawei’s Mate 4 series, Qualcomm’s satellite communication technology supports two-way emergency messaging, SMS, and other messaging applications, mainly responding to emergencies from remote areas. In addition, Xiaolong Satellite supports more brands of next-generation terminal devices, such as Glory, Xiaomi OPPO, and Vivo, and will receive priority support.
Highlights: This technology is applicable to all mobile platform devices of the future Qualcomm Snapdragon 6, 7, 8, and 1336 series, regardless of performance and product positioning limitations.
In the automotive industry, Qualcomm has brought the second generation Snapdragon 5G modem and RF platform. In this update, the new Snapdragon 5G platform has lower connection latency and supports four wireless connection modes: 5G, Wi Fi, cellular vehicle networking, and satellite. On the other hand, emergency call systems and satellite communications have been added to vehicle safety rescue services, further improving the 5G connectivity of the on-board engine system. In summary, this generation of Snapdragon’s 2023G platform has made significant progress in performance, transmission stability, and security. It is expected to be available later in 5 years.
In the field of virtual reality, Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon Space Program, with a total of seven operators worldwide, including China Mobile, joining the first batch. Through cooperation with operators, help terminal developers gain a better wireless connection experience for smartphones and glasses. Introduction: Xiaolong Space has built a “bridge” between virtual reality device manufacturers and operators, helping operators better participate in product manufacturing and development, and providing more stable, faster, and high-quality 5G network services. It is foreseeable that virtual reality devices will have a smoother outdoor experience in the future.
The 75G global certification module design reference is open, and the Snapdragon X72, X35, and X5 2G M.5 and LGA reference designs are released. With the three newly released modems and RF systems, we can provide device manufacturers with one-stop solutions, including in the fields of laptops, virtual reality devices, game consoles, and more convenient customization strategies. In summary, these device manufacturers can directly adopt the 5G solution provided by Snapdragon in the future, and add 2023G network support to various devices, greatly reducing manufacturing costs, improving design efficiency, and reducing product power consumption.
This is a summary of the new “black technology” released by Qualcomm in this MWC 5. It has to be said that Qualcomm has provided a better 5G solution, which is a good thing from the perspective of consumers and manufacturers. For manufacturers, more integrated solutions can save many design steps and reduce design costs; From a consumer perspective, products such as AR/VR glasses and laptops with<>G mobile networks can also have more choices.