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The LED backlit LCD industry is focused on Asia

LED backlight source with high side glowing backlight is striking, LED backlight as the application of LCD industry products, has a long service life, high luminous efficiency, and no interference and high-cost performance has been widely used in electronic watches, mobile phones, BP machine, electronic calculators and the inductor, along with the increasing miniaturization of portable electronic products, the LED backlight has more advantages, so the backlight technology will extend to a more thin, low power consumption and uniform direction.LEDs are key components of mobile phones.

A normal mobile phone or smartphone needs about 10 LED devices, while a color screen and mobile phone with a camera function need about 20 LED devices. At the moment, phones use a lot of backlights, 3.5 billion LED chips a year. At present, China has a large production of mobile phones, and most of the LED backlight is imported. For domestic LED products, this is an excellent market opportunity.


From the perspective of IT, LED backlight is an important year of development in 2010. LED backlight greatly promotes LED to replace CCFL by virtue of its advantages such as mercury-free green environment protection, regional dynamic control backlight, low carbon energy-saving, ultra-thin streamlined appearance, and high color reductive realistic display. Each backlight factory and LED manufacturer reached a cooperative relationship, jointly put forward the plan, and large-size light guide plate new technology. Ultra-thin, energy-saving, environmental protection, high-color quality LED backlight, will become the next strong trend of backlight development.

However, the TFT LCD module with LED backlight is not without shortcomings. Power consumption is still an important issue that LED backlight modules have to overcome. The use of more LED, in addition to the increase in power consumption, also lead to the problem of temperature rise, so also need to increase the cooling system and sensor to solve this problem, so the thickness appears to be thicker than CCFL backlit LCD industrial products.

The LED backlit LCD industry is focused on Asia