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The iPhone 13 has the highest preservation rate. Have you started?

Many children also reported that when they woke up, the mobile phones they were thinking of were delivered.
In this way, the situation that the iPhone 13 Pro series was “hard to find” in the past has finally eased.
As we all know, due to the global chip shortage, Apple reduced the production of the iPhone 13 series by 10 million units, resulting in difficulties in the supply of the iPhone 13 series.
The supply is less, but the market demand has not changed.
Therefore, this chain reaction also affected the price fluctuation of the iPhone 13 series in the secondary market.
The iPhone 13 has the highest value preservation rate. Have you started?
First of all, I believe that those who have been paying attention to Minmei Infinite should know that Apple’s iPhone has always had great strength in terms of mobile phone value preservation rate, and will even become a wealth management product after the new model is released every year.
According to the survey report of SellCell, they checked the depreciation of the iPhone 13 series in some second-hand mobile phone trading websites (more than 45) in the past two months, and found that the iPhone 13 series has performed well in the two months since its release, and the depreciation rate is very slow.
The average depreciation rate of the four models of the iPhone 13 series was 24.9% in the first month, and only 0.6% of the value was lost in the second month compared with the first month, with an average depreciation rate of 25.5%. This level of depreciation is unheard of, which is also the slowest depreciation of the iPhone in recent years.
By comparison, the average depreciation rate of the iPhone 12 series in the first month last year reached a huge 51.8%, more than half of the value of the mobile phone.
Of course, these data are from foreign second-hand trading websites. If the domestic market fell so much, it would have been snapped up!
So why is this iPhone 13 so high?
The analysis pointed out that the reason for the continued rise of the iPhone 13’s value preservation rate was mainly due to the impact of the global chip supply shortage, which led to the failure of normal supply of many parts and components, and the production capacity has not kept up with it. Under the condition that the market is in short supply, the scalpers began to focus on the “Pro” version. For example, the iPhone 13 Pro has the highest premium ability, and the official shortage has not been available for a long time. It is also difficult to see the second-hand iPhone 13 Pro on the market, even if it is available, the price is very expensive. It is worth mentioning that the higher the configuration of the iPhone 13 Pro max is, the more popular it is. The 512GB version is more difficult to buy than the 128GB version, and the high configuration version has a better hedge ratio.
In addition, in addition to the scarcity of supplies leading to a higher value preservation rate of the iPhone 13 series, it is also closely related to its excellent configuration. This generation of iPhone 13 Pro adds 120hz high brush, larger size CMOS, and highly recognizable Far Peak blue color matching, making this generation of iPhone 13 series unique. At the same time, due to uncontrollable factors, the release of Huawei Mate 50 was delayed, and the high-end mobile phone market, Apple, almost became the only choice for the rich. In just two months, the iPhone 13 series sold millions of units in China, with a significant sales advantage.
Therefore, under the influence of various factors, the iPhone 13 series has become the Apple mobile phone with the highest value preservation rate in the past. Few organic owners will transfer this generation of products in advance.
It is worth mentioning that, as an exception, the iPhone 13 mini has a relatively “miserable” ending. The hedging ratio of 128GB and 256GB versions has been declining, indicating that this “small steel cannon” is not popular, and the sales situation is predictable. At present, the price of iPhone 13 mini on some e-commerce platforms has approached 4000 yuan.
In the view of Minmei Infinite, the endurance of the iPhone 13 mini has also improved a lot compared with the previous generation, which is no worse than that of some Android flagship. It may be because the endurance of the iPhone 13 and above models has improved too much, surpassing the mini.
The iPhone 13 has the highest value preservation rate. Have you started?
In addition, today’s Minmei Infinite also needs to mention by the way that when the iPhone 13 series was just launched, some users who want to buy models above Pro still need to find a scalper to increase the price to buy them. In addition, many features such as high-swipe screen and Yuanfeng Blue make the iPhone 13 series even more popular.
In addition, when talking about the iPhone 14 series, SellCell believes that it will not maintain its value as the iPhone 13 series, because there may not be such a shortage of chips in the future.
In addition, according to Apple’s official website in China, the delivery time of the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 is estimated to be 7 days, and the delivery time of the iPhone 13 Pro model is estimated to be shortened to 31 days. It can be seen that the production capacity has been restored.
Finally, Minmei Infinite would also like to say that it is obvious that the original excellent iPhone 13, against the background of the global lack of core, will further improve the value preservation rate of the mobile phone. So I really congratulate iPhone 13 users this time. “Thirteen Fragrances” deserves it. So there are also many “fruit fans” secretly congratulating themselves. Fortunately, they didn’t wait for the iPhone 14 to buy the iPhone 13.