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Technical breakthrough of domestic 4nm chiplet

With the setback of TSMC in the research and development of advanced technology, the global chip industry has realized that the research and development of advanced chip technology is becoming more and more difficult, and this path is becoming more and more difficult to advance. Therefore, chip companies have explored new technical directions to improve chip performance, and chiplet technology is one of the directions. In this regard, Chinese chips have just made significant progress.
Domestic 4nm chiplet technology breakthrough, American chips are required to use, foreign media: unable to stop
It is understood that among the domestic chip enterprises, Changdian Technology is the most advanced in chiplet technology. Changdian Technology is one of the top three chip packaging and testing enterprises in the world, and also the most powerful chip packaging and testing enterprise in China. Earlier, it announced that it had successfully developed the 4nm chiplet technology, and the packaging area could reach 1500mm?, And it has achieved system-level packaging, taking the lead in the world.
With the advanced packaging technology of Changdian Technology, China can produce chips with advanced performance by mature technology. By packaging chips with different processes together, the performance of 4 nanometers can be achieved, which will successfully bypass the current EUV lithography machine’s restrictions on China’s development of advanced technology.
China’s breakthrough in chiplet technology has also been recognized by American chip companies. A few days ago, it was reported that another domestic sealing and testing company, Tongfu Microelectronics, has successfully mass-produced the 5-nanometer chiplet technology, with obvious technological advantages. Because its technology is sufficiently advanced, even the American chip company giant AMD has recognized its technological advantages, so 80% of the chip orders were handed over to Tongfu Microelectronics, and the contract period is several years.
AMD is now a failure chip company. It only designs chips, and chip manufacturing and packaging are outsourced to OEM companies. Relying on the technological advantages of chip technology, AMD continues to challenge Intel, the American chip giant, in the PC processor market, and has defeated Intel in the desktop PC market. American chip companies with such advanced technology have handed chip packaging to Tongfu Microelectronics. It can be seen that Chinese chip companies have taken the lead in chip technology.
Domestic 4nm chiplet technology breakthrough, American chips are required to use, foreign media: unable to stop
Due to well-known reasons, China has been unable to obtain EUV lithography machines, which has hindered China’s research and development of 7nm and more advanced technology. At present, the most advanced technology in domestic mass production is 14nm. In order to improve chip performance, China’s chip industry has been trying to find new ways.
The breakthrough of chiplet technology has undoubtedly opened a door for Chinese chips. The world’s leading chiplet technology will help the Chinese chip industry solve the obstacles of chip technology and develop chips with advanced performance. Earlier, the chips with advanced performance announced by many chip companies such as Godson are inseparable from the domestic chiplet technology. Processors and memory chips produced by the domestic 14nm technology are packaged together, The purpose of improving performance can be achieved by reducing the communication time between various chips.
Of course, the improvement of chip performance in China is not limited to chiplet technology. China is also promoting the development of quantum chip and photonic chip technology. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has released the 3nm photonic transistor technology. Such advanced technology will be able to bypass the limitations of EUV lithography, but it will take time for the commercial use of optical chips, and chiplet chip technology is a relatively realistic technology at present.
From the fact that China has made breakthroughs in many chip technologies, it can be seen that many means of the United States are gradually failing. With the joint efforts of Chinese chips, the shackles of EUV lithography will soon be broken, and it is even expected to gain the technological leadership of the chip industry in the next few years, and completely break the monopoly of the United States in chip technology.
Domestic 4nm chiplet technology breakthrough, American chips are required to use, foreign media: unable to stop
Ni Guangnan, a well-known Chinese academician, said that advanced technology can’t be bought or demanded. Today’s American practice has confirmed this. Under the pressure of the United States, Chinese chips have begun to burst out of limitless potential, and continue to create our own chip technology system. After the establishment of an independent technology system, Chinese chips will be invincible.