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Smart Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Benchmark Application Award”

Application Introduction
JD Logistics Warehouse Protection, 1. JD Group started building its own logistics company in 2007, officially registered as a logistics company in 2012, and officially established JD Logistics Group on April 25, 2017. Currently, there are six major logistics networks covering all regions of the country, including B2B, B2C, self operated malls, merchants, third-party logistics, and cross-border logistics, covering national businesses.
2. The box warehouse is a personal care warehouse operated by JD. The warehouse area is about 10000 square meters. The main goods are washing powder, detergents, pesticides, and other commodities.
3. Project features: select small and medium-sized items from C collection list
4. SKU quantity: nearly 5000
5. The original picking mode is: PDA picking task – human cart picking – packaging recheck table sorting
2. Business Challenges
1. Individual positions at peak and trough of e-commerce positions
The peak and trough of orders driven by e-commerce are obvious, and traditional picking processes are difficult to meet business development
The original process of labor intensity is manual cart selection, with long walking distance and high labor intensity. Personal care products are heavy, and manual cart selection is labor intensive
High 3. Business Peak
The period requires a large number of temporary workers. In the manual selection scheme, it requires a relatively long training time (new employees work for 3-7 days without errors, and become skilled workers for 7-10 days). During peak hours, a large number of temporary workers need to be hired, so 30% are new employees, which requires significant recruitment and training costs
4. Automation requirements
3. Solution
Intelligent technology AMR: Flex 300 series
2. Operation process after deploying AMR
(1) WCS generates a task order and transfers it to AMR
(2) AMR automatically receives tasks and assigns them to idle AMR (3) AMR
Drive to empty rack Temporary storage area Lifting rack
(4) Automatically move to the picking point, where the picking personnel pick and bind the task number and material vehicle number
(5) After picking, it automatically moves to the next picking point, and the picking personnel pick it
(6) AMR rechecks the packaging table and unloads the shelves
3。 Among them, the picking process
Start task when idle AMR receives task
When placing an order, the personnel will place the empty material rack in the empty material rack area based on the ground identification, and AMR will drive to the preparation area to determine the position of the empty material rack in combination with the Skyeye system. AMR will automatically pull the empty material rack.
Picking operation
Employees can select the AMR closest to them for picking. The employee PDA scans the AMR/shopping cart number, scans the barcode for the goods on the shelf according to the corresponding picking information displayed, and places them on the shopping cart. After confirmation on the PDA, the AMR starts driving to the next position Repeat the picking operation.
Discharge rack
The AMR directly drives to the unloading area to be packaged, and judges whether the point is empty based on the eye system; During the review process, personnel pull the hopper truck to the review platform for review. After review, manually send the empty material rack to the temporary storage area, and place the empty material rack according to the ground instructions;
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Reason (1) Project highlights
Province: Return on Investment (ROI)~2.5 years
The Skyeye system proactively judges the AMR top discharge hopper truck, achieving unmanned docking, saving 30% manpower, improving sorting efficiency, and increasing UPH by 46%
Fast: Quickly reduce costs:
Warehouse does not need to be rebuilt, supports flexible expansion, and can be quickly launched within 2 weeks
Quick start: 10 minutes of simple training to start working, 1 hour average employee efficiency
Flexibility: High flexibility: Flexibility to increase or decrease vehicles based on peak and low order demand
Real time traffic monitoring:
Visual indication, continuous improvement of processes, through dispatchers and vehicles
Increase the productivity of the entire warehouse through allocation (2) Implementation effect
UPH increase: 46% labor saving: 30%
Enterprise Introduction
Intelligent Technology is a leading visual navigation mobile robot (AMR) company in the world, the largest order-to-person solution provider for shipments and market share in Asia, and the only automated picking solution provider for small and medium-sized parts warehouses. Intelligent technology pioneered the “intelligent mode” flexible order to person picking solution in the industry, and has been launched in nearly 100 warehouses in China. At the same time, intelligent technology is also a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise and a “specialized and innovative” small giant industry and informatization attempt by Minis.
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