ORIGOsafe Intelligent Electronic Products Enforce Safe Driving

The issue of driving safety has always been the focus of social attention. Many people habitually take out their mobile phones to make phone calls or send text messages during driving, resulting in distracted driving. To address this situation, technology company ORIG has launched a smart electronic product called ORIGOsafe, which aims to force drivers to develop a good habit of concentrating on driving.
ORIGOSafe looks similar to past tape players, placed in the center console of the car. Users can only start the car by inserting their phone into the phone slot of ORIGOSafe. After the car starts, it will control the user’s phone, and the user cannot make or receive calls at will. Once the car stops running, the phone can be used normally again.
It is worth mentioning that the user’s smartphone is not really locked up, and in emergency situations, the phone can still be used normally. However, if the vehicle is running normally without stopping braking and the phone leaves ORIGOSafe, ORIGOSafe will issue an alarm. It is said that once such a situation occurs, if the user wants to start the car the next time, they will have to pass the management identity of ORIGOSafe to reuse it.
Currently, this product has certain limitations. For example, even if the phone does not leave the phone slot, users can still connect to the phone through an external Bluetooth device. ORIGOSafe also only applies to the Samsung Galaxy S 3 version. It is said that the device will be available in versions for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5, priced at $279.