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Lenovo’s innovative quality control mode 0 fault winter Olympic products debut for the first time

On March 31, Lenovo held the “Zero Fault Winter Olympics, Ignite the Lenovo Moment” Lenovo Winter Olympics technical service innovation salon at the Future Center, and Lenovo’s “Zero Fault” escort Winter Olympics full-line products were unveiled for the first time. Engineers from the Lenovo Winter Olympics operation and maintenance team disclosed the secret of Lenovo’s “Zero Fault” escort Winter Olympics to the outside world on the origin of Lenovo and previous Olympic Games and the product quality management system established by Lenovo.
Figure: Lenovo’s operation and maintenance technicians explain the use scenarios of Lenovo’s winter Olympics products on the spot
It is reported that at the Winter Olympics, Lenovo provided more than 13000 comprehensive equipment for the Winter Olympics, and invested 430 engineers to be responsible for the operation and maintenance of IT equipment in 40 venues and service facilities, and finally completed the escort of the “zero failure” Winter Olympics. This is not only due to Lenovo’s years of experience in escorting past large-scale sports events and the completion of IT operation and maintenance work by engineers with high quality and high standard services, but also due to Lenovo’s years of focus on product quality management.
At the event site, in addition to displaying the technical service products of the Winter Olympics, Lenovo also introduced the quality management ecosystem of Lenovo’s product manufacturing to the public through the demonstration of waterproof keyboard.
It is understood that Lenovo has been associated with the Olympic Games for 22 years, from becoming the largest sponsor of Beijing’s bid for the Olympic Games in 2001, to serving the Turin Olympic Games with “zero failure” in 2006, to fully supporting the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and this Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Over the years, Lenovo’s accumulated best practices, through a series of stories such as Lenovo’s Olympic team in a special period and background, the technical operation of typical venues, and the secret behind the “zero failure” Olympic event technical service, finally delivered a full volume of zero failure. Lenovo, as the “contestant” of the three Olympic Games, also won an invisible gold medal in the Winter Olympics with stable and reliable quality.