Is it more convenient to replace the battery? EU plans to introduce new regulations: banning the use of glue for electronic products

On March 17th, Sammobile reported that the European Union plans to ban the use of glue to glue batteries in electronic products such as mobile phones from next year to facilitate disassembly. Nowadays, many manufacturers have abandoned the old way of fixing batteries with adhesive, but some enterprises still continue to use the method of fixing batteries with adhesive.
The EU hopes to ban the use of glue bonded batteries in the entire consumer electronics sector from January 1, 2023, including smartphones, tablets, other mobile computers, wireless headphones, electric scooters, and other battery powered products.
Previously, the European Union proposed the mandatory unification of the USB C interface. Xiaolei believed that it would also have a positive impact on the electronic product market, but did not know when it would be officially implemented.
As anyone who has seen the video on disassembling a smartphone probably knows, using glue to glue a battery has a significant negative impact on its repairability. If you want to disassemble a battery, a professional disassembler will use a glue remover to dissolve the internal glue and remove the battery.
Users without professional tools can only heat the battery with a hairdryer for a few minutes before taking it out. Removing it may also deform the battery, making it inconvenient and dangerous. Of course, due to the high difficulty of battery disassembly, maintenance shops often do not provide maintenance services for related equipment, or they charge high prices and are not friendly to consumers.
In the era of functional computers and early smartphones, the mobile phones we used were basically designed with detachable batteries. In order to improve their battery life, users often prepared several spare batteries, usually using a universal charger to recharge in case of emergency. With the increasingly advanced technology and integration of the body of smart phones, removable batteries have retired from the stage of history.
At present, the rapid charging technology of smart phones is continuously improving, and some phones can even reduce the charging time to less than 20 minutes. Users do not need to replace the battery to alleviate battery anxiety. When it comes to replacing batteries, there are basically no other reasons besides aging. https://www.shunlongwei.com/
In recent years, in order to reduce the difficulty of battery disassembly for handsets, mobile phone manufacturers have adopted designs such as easy to pull adhesive and quick to remove ports. Users only need to gently pull to remove the battery, without the need for tools such as glue remover and hairdryer to repeatedly toss and turn. Domestic manufacturers and Apple have done quite well in this regard.
With the support of this ban, manufacturers who are still using adhesives to fix batteries will inevitably seek alternative solutions. We look forward to the early implementation of the new EU regulations, which will provide consumers with more convenience.