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Ink Film Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Person of the Year Award”

“The OFweek Robot Awards 2022” is jointly organized by China’s high-tech industry portal OFweek Vico and its authoritative professional robot media, OFweek Vico. The selection has been established for more than ten years. It is a major brand event in China’s robotics industry and one of the professional and influential evaluations of the high-tech industry.
The purpose of this activity is to create a brand communication and display platform for products, technologies, and enterprises in the robot industry. With the platform resources and influence of OFweek, innovative products and solutions are introduced to industry users and markets, and more enterprises are encouraged to invest in technological innovation; At the same time, we will provide more innovative products and cutting-edge technologies for the industry, and jointly imagine the future of the robot industry.
This year, the OFweek Robot Awards 2022 will be comprehensively upgraded, expanding the track on the basis of last year’s awards, adding new awards related to the robot industry chain, and forming more awards with wide coverage, deep industry reach, and great industry influence, including a total of 14 awards.
Participating enterprises
Ink Film Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Person of the Year Award”“
Shenzhen Moying Technology Co., Ltd. officially participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Person of the Year Award”.
brief introduction
Yang Yiming, Founder and CEO of Shenzhen Moying Technology Co., Ltd., Doctor of the Institute of Robotics at the University of Edinburgh, UK, Assistant Researcher of Shenzhen Peacock Talent at the University of Edinburgh, Member of the NASA Mars Robotics Project Team, Member of the UK Fair Space Robotics Project, Global AI Application Competition
Winner of the Finals 4) Summary of Results/Key Points (data is required): Team member of NASA’s Mars Robotics Project, member of the UK’s Fair Space Robotics Project, and pioneer of mobile cooperative robots.
participate in
Reason: Lead the research and development of mobile collaborative robots (MCR) and application systems, master the core software technologies required for public industry automation solutions such as integrated control and multi machine and multi form device management, large-scale multi machine cluster collaboration, full process simulation, and digital twin visualization.
Enterprise Introduction
As the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile collaborative robots (MCR), Magic Shadow Technology provides unattended overall solutions for typical matrix flexible production lines in the biomedical industry, 3C and automotive electronics precision processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and other industries.
The founding team of Ink Film Technology began developing MCR related systems in Europe in 2013, and completed the world’s first single arm integrated control MCR in 2017. Two years later, the product was successfully upgraded and commercialized. In December 2018, Ink Film Technology was also introduced from Europe to Shenzhen Bao’an as a major investment promotion project in the field of robotics in Shenzhen, and its establishment was officially announced in April 2019.
Over the years, I have developed MCR and its related systems in Mozi Technology, comprehensively mastered core technologies such as integrated control and multi machine scheduling systems, and is an industry leader in autonomous navigation, high-dimensional complex environment motion planning, two-arm collaboration, human-machine integration, and other fields.
At this stage, Mo Ying has launched more than ten product models in two major product categories: Mobile Cooperative Robots (MCR) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). The products integrate non-standard automation based on scenario requirements to form an overall solution. Cooperate with multiple leading enterprises in the fields of biomedicine, 3C, automotive electronic precision processing, semiconductor packaging and testing, and form benchmark industry application cases.
Voting time: The “OFweek Robot Award 2022” event of the current Vico Cup · The OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Selection will enter the voting stage on February 1. Welcome to vote.