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Heketai NMOS tube HKTQ50N03 and HKTQ80N03 application case


MOS tubes are also called field effect tubes, which can be divided into PMOS tubes (P-channel type) and NMOS (N-channel type) tubes, which belong to insulated gate field effect tubes. NMOS is also called N-type metal oxide semiconductor, and the circuit composed of NMOS is NMOS integrated circuit.

As a professional manufacturer of discrete devices, the second and third stage tubes, MOS tubes, bridge stacks and other products produced by Heketai are widely used in the market. This issue of Heketai mainly explains the N-channel MOSFET products HKTQ50N03 and HKTQ80N03 Typical application cases.

An N-channel MOS transistor is a three-terminal device that includes an N-channel region, which is located between the source and drain terminals, and the terminals are G (gate), D (drain) and S (source). The N-channel MOS tube symbol is shown as N in the figure below, the direction of the arrow symbol is inward, and the arrow symbol specifies the type of channel, which is expressed as a P channel or an N channel.


Figure N

The working principle of the N-channel MOS tube is like this. In the N-channel MOS tube, the channel is created when the electrons arrive, and the +Ve voltage also attracts the electrons from the N+ source and drain regions into the channel. Once in the drain By applying a voltage between the electrode and the source, current flows freely between the source and drain, while the voltage at the gate only controls the charge carrier electrons in the channel. Conversely, if a -Ve voltage is applied at the gate terminal, a hole channel is formed under the oxide layer.

The application of a product is inseparable from its product characteristics. These two N-channel MOSFET products of Heketai have the characteristics of low conduction internal resistance, small package and stable performance. The products are used in PD fast charging, battery management systems, power tools, etc. widely applied.


Dynamic parameters of HKTQ50N03

typical circuit

Taking the MOS tube switching circuit as an example, the commonly used low-power drive circuit in Figure 1 below is suitable for low-power switching devices that do not require isolation.


The drive circuit switch shown in Figure 2 above has the characteristics of fast speed and strong drive capability. In order to prevent two MOS tubes from passing through, a small resistor of 0.5 to 1Ω is usually connected in series for current limiting. This circuit is suitable for Medium power switching devices that do not require isolation.

Common application fields of NMOS products


PD fast charge

For example, for NMOS products in 35W fast charging products, the low-end requirements for N-MOS tubes are usually: 30V/20A/10mΩ/PDFN3333, and the N-MOS tube packages that Heketai can use for VBUS switches are PDFN5X6 and PDFN3333 , These two products HKTQ50N03 and HKTQ80N03 can meet the requirements.


battery management system

The main function of the battery management system is to realize the intelligent management and maintenance of battery units, and to monitor the battery status through status monitoring and abnormal fault protection. On the lithium battery protection board, the main function of the MOS tube is to detect overcharge, overcurrent during charging and discharging, overcurrent during short circuit, etc. NMOS products are widely used in battery management systems. NMOS can be used as the main switch of the battery pack, meanwhile, the NMOS type is also used for the high-side switch through the charge pump. In the battery management system, the switching characteristics of the MOSFET are usually used to control the cut-off and closure of the main circuit of the battery’s external power supply. The conduction state does not change and maintains the original state.

The N-MOS tube packages that Heketai can use in the battery management system are PDFN5X6 and PDFN3333, and these two products, HKTQ50N03 and HKTQ80N03, can meet the requirements.

electrical tools

Applications of N-channel MOS transistors include use in low-voltage equipment, such as full-bridge and B6-bridge arrangements using motors and DC power supplies, which help to reverse-switch the negative power supply of the motor. N-channel MOS transistors work in the saturation region and the cut-off region. It is like a switching circuit. These MOS transistors are used to switch LAMP projectors or LEDs ON/OFF. In high-current applications, N-channel MOS tubes are very suitable. In applications such as motor drives and electric vehicle controllers, N-channel MOS tubes are also used in many applications. The two products of Heketai HKTQ50N03 and HKTQ80N03 can meet Require.

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