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Does an air purifier work? Three minutes to understand the principle of “purification”!

As people’s demand for quality of life is getting higher and higher, some manufacturers according to consumer demand for the development of air purifiers, but many users because of this kind of equipment is not very understanding, do not know whether this thing is useful, this issue of the article on the knowledge related to air purifiers.

Do air purifiers work?

The structure and principle of the air purifier is not as complicated as imagined, it can indeed play a role in purifying the air, the most common air purifier has three parts, the power supply system, the wind system, and the most important filtration system, the power supply system for the air purifier to provide a stable power supply, while the wind system will be the indoor air inhaled or pumped out, in the case of the wind system, these are inhaled or pumped out of the air will be filtered by the “filtration system”, the air purifier will be used by the “filtering system”. Under the operation of the wind system, the inhaled or extracted air will be filtered by the “filtration system”, so as to achieve the effect of air purification.

Therefore, it is certain that no matter which kind of air purifier, as long as the filtration system can function properly, it can purify the air.

Types of Filter Cartridges

The main factor that determines the effect of the air purifier is the filter cartridge, and the filter cartridge is divided into many kinds, such as photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fibers, HEPA high-efficiency materials, negative ion generators, etc., most of the air purifier filter cartridges on the market are made of these materials, and the application of the corresponding technology.

The most common air purifiers generally use photocatalysts, synthetic fibers, activated carbon three, slightly higher-end air purifiers will be used HEPA high-efficiency materials, negative ion generators as “filter cartridges” (just a general statement, some of the general references to technology, standards, etc.).

Filter core material types

Photocatalyst: chemical formula aside, let’s talk about what is photocatalyst, photocatalyst is actually a semiconductor material, in the light source of irradiation can play a role in disinfection, sterilization, and this semiconductor material chemical stability is very good, long-term use of harmless to human beings, and a long service life, with super hydrophilicity and self-purification.

The most widely used and common photocatalytic device in various fields is “mosquito trap”, and there are some air purifiers with this function.

Activated carbon: activated carbon is not carbon, carbon after special treatment will generate activated carbon, the surface of the activated carbon has countless small and invisible pores, these pores in nanometers as a unit of calculation, some manufacturers take advantage of this feature of the activated carbon, will be made into filters or filter elements, and air purifiers combined.

In addition, because activated carbon has the role of adsorption of formaldehyde, some businesses will also play the “formaldehyde” gimmick to promote air purifiers, but there is a point we need to be clear, in addition to bacteria and harmful gases in the air, there are also visible, invisible dust, dust, these things will clog the activated carbon filter core, while activated carbon Adsorption of formaldehyde is also limited, not “unlimited adsorption”, unless the frequent replacement of activated carbon filter, or no role at all.

Synthetic fiber: synthetic fibers belong to man-made materials, through artificial preparation, structural preparation and other processes, to create a close structure, complex mesh, sheet fabric, which will be made into a filter core, with some good permeability, filtration and strong auxiliary materials, made of air purifier cartridges.

Of course, this kind of material will generally use environmentally friendly materials, will not cause harm to the human body, and a long service life, the family environment, the use of “low-end purifiers”, are this kind of synthetic fibers made of air filters, which are mainly used to purify the air of dust and fine dust.

HEPA high-efficiency materials: refers to the “HEPA standard” of the filter, any industry there are relevant standards, in fact, it and synthetic fibers are anon, are synthetic filters, but HEPA high-efficiency materials on the filter pore size, spacing requirements are higher, on the 0.1 ~ 0.3 micron dust filtration efficiency should reach 99.9%. Dust filtration efficiency to reach 99.7% or more, is considered qualified “HEPA efficient materials.

Like the mask in the filter paper, belongs to a HEPA efficient materials, according to the mask level of different, the level of filter paper will also make a difference, it is not an exaggeration to say that all the air purifiers, for the dust removal effect of the best cartridge, is the HEPA efficient materials.

Negative ion generator: this type of air filter belongs to the real high-tech products, it can not be called a filter, the so-called negative ion generator, we can understand it as “induced purification effect” of the device, the user opens this type of purifier, negative ion generator will continue to generate negative air ions, negative air ions and dust, smoke and dust in the air. Negative air ions will be charged with dust, soot, viruses, bacteria, pollen, skin flakes and other substances in the air, and then adsorbed, collected and stored by a special device.

However, it should be noted that the use of this type of air purifier, although it can play a role in purifying the air, but it is not suitable for long-term use, the use of a long time will lead to some problems, such as headaches, low immunity and so on.

Conclusion: In summary, we can determine the air purifier is useful, if the home air purifier, the first push filter core to achieve “HEPA standard” air purifier, many air purifiers now have a variety of functions, some of the cartridges are also the application of a variety of composite materials made of activated carbon air purifiers, but do not try to choose activated carbon class air purifiers, the effect is not as good as expected. But try not to choose the activated carbon type air purifier, the effect is not as good as imagined, unless there is a condition to change the activated carbon filter often.