Deeply disassemble popular electronic products, and Moze Electronics launched a new series of videos of “Breaking Down and Review of Popular Products”

August 5, 2022 – Focus on launching new products to drive industry innovation ™ Huawei electronic component distributor Mao Ze Electronics announced the launch of a new video series called “Disassembly Review”. Through the disassembly and evaluation of popular electronic products on the market such as the Huawei Watch GT3, Apple Magsafe charging kit, and Philips DASH CAM GoSure 3201, engineers can see the design ideas and principles behind these products, accumulate rich knowledge for their subsequent design, and give full play to what they have learned to design better products in practice.
This “Decomposition and Review” video series has six issues in total. Each issue will select an electronic product from consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, and other fields. The principles, circuit schemes, and component selection behind these electronic products will be revealed in detail through disassembly. Through professional disassembly and analysis, the audience will progress layer by layer from the inside out, gaining a deeper understanding of each product’s functions, structure, core components, and a clearer understanding of the product. For engineers, this is a good opportunity to improve their design thinking, helping them continuously optimize their design during research and development, thereby creating products that are more satisfying to consumers.
It can bring more inspiration to their designs and design products that better meet the needs of users. Finally, I hope you will pay more attention to this season’s “Breakthrough Review” video series, and gain more creativity and insights through positive communication and interaction. “
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