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CBN grinding wheels are suitable for grinding things

#CBN grinding wheel # Cube boron nitride is best not to grind carbide, non-metallic hard materials.

At high grinding temperature, CBN produces chemical reaction when it meets alkaline aqueous solution, CBN grinding wheel will decompose in alkaline solution at 300℃, and can decompose in boiling water in a small amount, resulting in damage to the crystal shape of grinding grains.

Therefore, when grinding, only oil-based coolant can be used, rather than water-based coolant.

CBN grinding wheel is suitable for fine grinding and final grinding of precision parts made of mild steel, heat-resistant steel and high hardness alloy steel.

In high-performance grinding or efficient deep grinding, due to the use of extremely high grinding wheel line speed, the workpiece feed speed is also quite high, so both the machine tool and the grinding wheel are put forward high requirements.

For the grinding wheel, it must have a high crushing strength, good shape accuracy retention and the highest possible durability to reduce the impact of centrifugal force during rotation and shorten the time required to replace the grinding wheel. Traditional ceramic and resin bonded grinding wheels can not meet the needs of high performance grinding, so a new type of grinding wheel must be used to adapt to high speed and large cutting depth.

At present, single-layer electroplated CBN grinding wheel is mainly used in high-performance grinding of metal materials at home and abroad. In addition, in order to solve the problem of small chip space of single-layer electroplated grinding wheel, a metal single-layer CBN grinding wheel has been developed.

In the process of high-speed grinding, the quality of the grinding fluid used often determines the success or failure of the entire grinding process. The function of grinding fluid is to improve the material removal rate of grinding, extend the service life of grinding wheel and reduce the surface roughness value of workpiece. The grinding fluid plays a role in lubricating, cooling, cleaning the grinding wheel and transferring cutting chips in the entire grinding process, so the lubrication, cooling, cleaning and so on of the grinding fluid affect the processing of high-speed grinding.

CBN grinding wheels are suitable for grinding things