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Australian scientists have found new particles that a large collision cannot be revealed

Australian scientists wrote in the latest issue of the “Physics Review Express” magazine that they used an unusual atom consisting of a basic particle consisting of a basic particle named Miaozi. The magnetic structure, the role of the 子 atom, and the understanding of Miaozi effect. The latest method is expected to provide a new particle that is different from a large -scale strong collision machine, or it will help reveal the secrets that account for 95%of the total quality of the universe.

Jessinda Kings, at the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland, explained: “Miaozi is equivalent to heavy electronics, and the quality is 200 times the electrons. Capture the details of the nucleus structure. In short, our work will help improve the atomic theory calculation of new particles. ”

Researchers further pointed out that by using accurate atomic measurements, new methods can provide higher sensitivity and become alternative technology to find new particles.

Kings said that the large -scale strong collision machine of the European Nuclear Research Center is the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. The sensitivity is found to find new particles through accurate atom measurement.

The research team said that the latest method does not require a huge collision machine, but uses precision instruments to find atomic changes under low energy. “Rather than the explosive high -energy collision, it is better to create an ultra -sensitive ‘microscope’ to witness the true nature of the atom. This may be a more sensitive technology that reveals the particles that the particle collision cannot be seen at all. ”

Australian scientists have found new particles that a large collision cannot be revealed

“The results of celestial physics and cosmic observations show that the substances we know account for only 5%of the total material and energy in the universe. Most of them are ‘dark matter’. Interpretation of these dark matter. Finding dark matter particles is the forefront of particle physics research. Our latest research may become the key to revealing this mystery. ”

The research team stated that the latest research is also expected to improve related technologies. “Atomic physics (such as the global positioning system) play an important role in our daily life, and atomic theory will continue to show their skills in the new quantum technology field based on atoms. “