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Are the “fake door” of AOL Electronics and the “lying gun” of CSCI all cross-border “disasters”?

February 21 is destined to be a sleepless night for AOL Electronics. Due to the fake resume and related technical certification efficiency of the key figures in the perovskite business, Aolian Electronics has been pushed to the air of public opinion.
Affected by the above events, after the “20cm” limit on February 21, AOlian Electronics opened sharply lower on February 22, and fell nearly 17% at one time. As of the closing date, it closed at 26.79 yuan/share, and its share price fell more than 30% on the two days.
Are the “fake door” of AOL Electronics and the “lying gun” of CSCI all cross-border “disasters”?
Source: Baidu Stock Exchange.
Shenzhen Stock Exchange also paid great attention to this matter, and even sent a letter of concern overnight, asking AOL Electronics to explain whether Xu Mingjun, a key technician, participated in the commissioning and research of relevant equipment of Huaneng Qingneng Institute, as well as his resume, background and other issues.
Can the perovskite “black horse” Aolian Electronics survive this hurdle?
The “Resume Gate” event has continued to ferment, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has paid much attention to it
The fuse that ignited the perovskite circle was a statement made by China Huaneng Group Clean Energy Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (“Huaneng Qingneng Institute”), a state-owned enterprise.
On the morning of February 21, Huaneng Qingneng Institute released a “clarification statement on the false announcement issued by Aolian Electronics” on WeChat, which directly pointed out that Huaneng Qingneng Institute and Aolian Electronics had no cooperation agreement, technical exchange and business exchanges.
The statement also pointed out that the description of Huaneng Qingneng Institute in the resume of Xu Mingjun, a key technician of AOL Electronics, was seriously untrue. He had not been invited to visit Huaneng Qingneng Institute, nor participated in any equipment commissioning and process research of the calcium iron ore pilot line of Huaneng Qingneng Institute, nor did Huaneng Qingneng Institute have any business relations with his individual, Moreover, there are no relevant facts such as “guiding the acceptance of the efficiency of the 550X650mm calcium ore battery module pilot test line of Huaneng Qingneng Institute to reach the standard, and the maximum certified efficiency reaches 16.8%”. Moreover, the certified efficiency data of “16.8%” in the text is fabricated data, which is inconsistent with the certified data of Huaneng Qingneng Institute.
Are the “fake door” of AOL Electronics and the “lying gun” of CSCI all cross-border “disasters”?
Source: WeChat official account of Huaneng Qingneng Institute.
In the evening of the same day, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange “rushed” to issue a letter of concern to AOL Electronics, requesting AOL Electronics to verify and explain whether Xu Mingjun participated in the commissioning and process research of perovskite-related equipment of Huaneng Qingneng Institute, and to explain the specific work content, work time, and the specific embodiment of “guiding the completion” of the design and acceptance of relevant process equipment of Huaneng Qingneng Institute. At the same time, Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires AOL to verify the specific meaning, calculation method, source and basis of “the highest certification efficiency reaches 16.8%”, and whether the relevant statements are objective and prudent.
In addition, Shenzhen Stock Exchange also requested AOlian Electronics to further verify and explain its resume, background, previous work research results and relevant technical sources of perovskite battery R&D and production, as well as whether there is any prohibition of competition, based on the operation of Tianying defense, the position and specific work of Xu Mingjun in Tianying defense, and other external investment of Xu Mingjun.
Are the “fake door” of AOL Electronics and the “lying gun” of CSCI all cross-border “disasters”?
Source: AOL electronic official website.
In response to this incident, Xu Mingjun himself said, “During his time as a consultant, he had business relations with Huaneng Qingneng Institute, which provided the equipment for the pilot test line for the other party. At the same time, around September 2020, the project team members of Huaneng Qingneng Institute had attended a period of process training in Zhongneng. During the subsequent upgrading and reconstruction process, Zhongneng also provided relevant equipment and corresponding technical support”. “At that time, I served as a consultant in the company, and would make some guidance and arrangement on ideas. Of course, the personnel in charge of research and development in the following laboratory will implement them.” Xu Mingjun stressed, “I don’t want to get involved in the war of words, but just want to clarify from a personal perspective.”.
On the morning of the 22nd, AOL Electronics responded that “the online rumors are untrue, the company has not committed any fraud, and the normal progress of the project has not been affected”. At the same time, it also said that “Huaneng Qingneng Institute’s’ crackdown on counterfeits’ may be due to misunderstanding in interpretation, and the company will make detailed explanation when replying to the letter of concern of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.”
At present, the “resume door” incident will continue to ferment. In reply to the letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, AOlian Electronics may have “revealed the truth”.
“Gratitude and resentment” originate from cross-border, and CSCI “lies down”
The “enmity” between AOL Electronics and Huaneng Qingneng Academy originated from cross-border.
It is reported that the main products of Aolian Electronics are currently applied to the automotive industry, and the main development direction is the automotive power electronic control components. The main products include the electronic accelerator pedal assembly, gear shift controller, low-temperature starting device, electronic throttle, electromagnetic solenoid and urea heating pipe, etc. In addition, it also involves some body control components, including automotive air conditioning controller, automotive door and window controller.
Later, the layout of perovskite battery was transformed. On December 9, last year, Aolian Electronics announced that the wholly-owned subsidiary Hainan Aolian Investment Co., Ltd. (“Aolian Investment”) and the natural person Xu Mingjun recently jointly funded the establishment of “Nanjing Aolian Photoenergy Technology Co., Ltd.” (“Aolian Photoenergy”) and signed the Investment Cooperation Agreement, which agreed that Aolian Photoenergy was mainly engaged in the research and development, production, preparation and sales of perovskite solar cells and their preparation equipment. The registered capital of AOLIAN Optronic is 50 million yuan, of which AOLIAN Investment contributes 47.5 million yuan in currency, accounting for 95%; Xu Mingjun contributed 2.5 million yuan in currency, accounting for 5%.
The above announcement shows that Xu Mingjun has been engaged in the operation and management of military/scientific and technological enterprises for a long time, focusing on the research of perovskite solar cell technology and the localization, localization and systematization of perovskite solar cell preparation process equipment, and has unique understanding and practical ability of perovskite battery R&D process and industrialization process. In addition, he also has the material formula, process R&D Equipment development and other fields have core competitiveness.
Are the “fake door” of AOL Electronics and the “lying gun” of CSCI all cross-border “disasters”?
Source: AOL electronic official website.
The cross-border issue of AOlian Electronics aroused the “curiosity” of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The next day after the announcement, a letter of concern was sent to AOlian Electronics, requesting it to explain in detail the background of the fields related to the research and development and manufacturing of perovskite solar cells, in particular the disclosure of the background of Xu Mingjun, the partner. In response, AOL Electronics said in the reply letter, “Xu Mingjun guided the completion of the 550 × Design of process equipment for pilot test line of 650mm perovskite battery module, guide Huaneng Qingneng Institute 550 × The efficiency of the pilot line of the 650mm perovskite battery module reached the acceptance standard, and the highest certified efficiency reached 16.8% “. So there was the above “resume door” event.
As for the reason why AOL Electronics is cross-border, it may be due to poor performance.
Due to the adverse impact of the decline in the macro-economy and the automotive industry, as well as the repeated negative factors of the COVID-19, including the periodic production halts of customers of Allianz Shanghai and Changchun, the price of some important raw materials, such as chips, has risen significantly. The business income and profit in the first three quarters of 2022 have declined significantly, including the year-on-year decline of 21.31% to 275 million yuan in operating income, and the year-on-year decline of 35.96% to 21 million yuan in total profit, At the edge of loss.
Although nothing can impress investors more than the bright performance, it is precisely because of the transformation and layout of perovskite batteries in Aolian Electronics, which still “bucked the trend” despite the obvious decline in performance, and the stock price rose by a maximum of 204% in three months.
Of course, the rise of stock prices can not be separated from the “strong support” of securities companies, among which the typical representative is CSCI.
According to the Daily Economic News, from 23:30 on January 31 to 00:00 on February 1, the team led by Lv Juan, the chief of CSCI, held an emergency conference call to recommend Aolian Electronics as the “black horse” in the perovskite field. The 300 people conference call was full that night, and Lv Juan’s team held the second one at 8:00 the next day.
It is worth mentioning that during the late-night telephone conference of Lv Juan’s team on January 31, at 23:42, the research report on the first coverage of AOL Electronics was also released synchronously, giving a “buy” rating. One of the reasons for giving this rating is that “Xu Mingjun, the head of the team, has accumulated profound technical experience in the perovskite industry, which is expected to help the company accelerate its industrialization.”
After Huaneng Qingneng Academy, Zhongneng Optoelectronics produced “iron evidence”
In addition to Huaneng Qingneng Institute’s “face” Aolian Electronics, Hangzhou Zhongneng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (“Zhongneng Optoelectronics”) also said bluntly that “Xu Mingjun’s main achievements were exaggerated or untrue”. It is reported that Zhongneng Optoelectronics is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of thin-film photovoltaic equipment, and is committed to promoting the research, development and mass production of the third-generation photovoltaic technology represented by perovskite.
On the 22nd, Zhongneng Optoelectronics issued a clarification statement, saying that “Xu Mingjun, an employee of AOL Electronics, worked in Zhongneng Optoelectronics from February 2021 to December 2021 (a total of 11 months), not from May 2020 to March 2022 as described in the Letter of Concern Reply. At the same time, many achievements of Xu Mingjun mentioned in the Letter of Concern Reply of AOL Electronics involved the company, including but not limited to the following contents that were exaggerated or untrue.”
The statement compares Xu Mingjun’s exaggerated performance with the actual situation, which seems to be more reliable.
Are the “fake door” of AOL Electronics and the “lying gun” of CSCI all cross-border “disasters”?