Applied to the main control chip of smart door lock

With the popularization of smart homes, smart door locks can be seen everywhere, and door locks have more and more functions; as an emerging product in modern society, smart door locks have won the favor of many home users by virtue of their convenience and safety. .

Smart door lock is an electronic lock that realizes intelligent control through password, fingerprint, face recognition, wireless and other technologies. Going deep into the interior of a typical smart lock, it takes the MCU as the core and integrates functional modules such as clock IC (RTC), power management IC, voice circuit, motor driver IC, control panel module and fingerprint recognition module.

South Korea’s GreenChip launched a 16-channel capacitive touch chip – GT316L, which has been widely used in smart door lock solutions and has been widely used in many smart door lock companies.

GT316L provides 16 touch sense inputs, which can also be used as dimming LED driver output pins; I2C interface can be used when MCU IO or connector resources are insufficient, and the application is widely used in electric ovens, gas ovens, refrigerators, Range hoods, dishwashers, air conditioner controllers and other household appliances.

Both performance and stability have reached a high level; with automatic sensitivity calibration function, it is very suitable for battery-powered electronic products, and its ultra-low power consumption makes the product more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly.

In the “Tesla Coil” incident, it can easily crack a variety of smart locks. Various “lock breaking” videos have been circulated on the Internet. South Korea’s GreenChip is not afraid of Tesla coils interfering with smart locks. It will not only further improve security from the physical level. At the same time, relevant solutions will be provided to the market at the network level.

Anti-static interference meets the requirements of national first-class standards, and anti-RF radio frequency interference. At the same time, it also has the function of automatic sensitivity calibration, power mutation suppression function, effective touch output time limit function, multi-key simultaneous suppression function, and combination key function

Applied to the main control chip of smart door lock

Wide supply voltage range: 1.8V ~ 5.5V; support I2C interface; provide interrupt function; LED driver (32-step dimming control) four 25mA sink exclusive output pins; package: QFN-28L 4 x4 and TSSOP-30L.

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