A-shares have a bull market cycle of 8 years. Will the bull market come this year?

UI! But stocks, you have to take your time, especially the Chinese stock market, which hovers around 3,000 points for a long time, even if the eunuch dies in a hurry, he will not get the emperor’s mercy.

The people who previously traded in stocks were either married and had children, or were middle-aged, or already full of vicissitudes, while the Chinese stock market is still young and charming. A-shares are at 3000 points, and they remain absolutely stable, which is also a realm.

Eight years, a bull market cycle

On October 16, 2007, the first bull market in A-share history was born. On that day, the market rose to 6124 points and closed at 6092 points, a surge of 61 points, or +1.03%. It was very domineering and shocking. regret.

At that time, I had just entered university and had no exposure to the stock market, so I had no concept of the bull market that year. However, my math teacher is a stock trader. I remember one day, when he was going to draw a curve, he just drew a red and green histogram. Later, we checked the information and found out that it is called the daily K-line. It is conceivable how crazy the bull market was that year, and it drove the always rigorous math teacher crazy.

On June 12, 2015, the second bull market in the history of A-shares came. On that day, the market rose to 5178 points and closed at 5166 points, a surge of 44 points, or +0.87%. The distance from the first bull market was nearly 8 Year.

This year, I was very impressed. At that time, I was working in Starbucks, and the woman at the next table spoke loudly. One of the women said to the other woman that the stock market has risen a lot, have you bought stocks? The woman replied that she bought some funds.

It is conceivable that in an ordinary place, some people are talking about the fundamentals of stocks, even the common people are talking about it, and the stock market will naturally rise well. My account also multiplied several times at that time, I didn’t love to fight, so I quickly cashed out and left, why? Because the common people don’t do their jobs, they don’t do business, they all come here to speculate in stocks, and even a few women are chatting about stocks and funds in public. As a result, in less than a year, the stock market returned to its original shape, which is so dangerous!

Except for these two horns, at other times, the market either fell in a straight line, or fluctuated in a range from 2000 to 3000 points, and the results were very stable. It is rare for the financial market to be able to do this for a long time.

In its 8th year, will the bull market come?

What is the purpose of our stock trading? It is to make money; and what is the purpose of making money? It is to resist the crisis, live a good life, and enjoy life. However, I found that A-share investors invested their principal in order to speculate in stocks, and their lives were very bad, their lives were also very confused, and their lives were not good. In short, they sold their lives to the stock market instead of enjoying their lives from the stock market.

Therefore, I am ready to welcome the bull market at any time, but I am not looking forward to it. In such a stable and volatile market, I can also rely on selling high and buying low to double my account. As long as the income is increasing, the bull market will always exist; if the income is decreasing, and even the principal is invested, even in the bull market, isn’t it ironic?

China’s stock market has developed for so many years, from traditional energy, communications, finance, to the current pharmaceuticals, technology, consumption, artificial intelligence, etc., it seems that there is no stock that can stand out and support the market out of the bull market. Looking at the U.S. stock market, with the support of large technology stocks such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, it is very difficult to fall down.

What do we have, the only financial sector, known as the standard-bearer of the bull market, has not come out. If you don’t do business for a long time and live on handling fees all day long, you obviously have the ability but don’t pay attention. How can A shares get out of the bull market?

Now that the comprehensive registration system has started, is this a signal of a bull market? How can it be so simple, a policy has come out, it is in its infancy, and it is not mature enough. This is not enough to support the market to rise by another 3,000 points. Even if the bull market standard is lowered to 5,000 points, it will still rise by another 2,000 points. According to the current situation, it is not a little difficult to realize this task this year.


Stock trading, if you think about it wrong, everything will be over. If you want to make money from the bull market, if the cycle of a bull market is 8 years, then let me tell you, you don’t need to participate in the first 7 years, because the market goes up and down, and it’s back to the original point, and the eighth year is the moment of outbreak, you It is enough to not be absent.

A-shares have a bull market cycle of 8 years. Will the bull market come this year?

However, who can accurately predict the cycle of the bull market? 8 years is nothing more than what we have concluded through historical data. Therefore, Ji Ge’s trading system never expects a bull market, and if he catches a calf at every stage, he is as good as a big bull.