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Star Aperture Science and Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Excellent Investment Value Enterprise Award”

“The OFweek Robot Awards 2022” is jointly organized by China’s high-tech industry portal OFweek Vico and its authoritative professional robot media, OFweek Vico. The selection has been established for more than ten years. It is a major brand event in China’s robotics industry and one of the professional and influential evaluations of the high-tech industry.
The purpose of this activity is to create a brand communication and display platform for products, technologies, and enterprises in the robot industry. With the platform resources and influence of OFweek, innovative products and solutions are introduced to industry users and markets, and more enterprises are encouraged to invest in technological innovation; At the same time, we will provide more innovative products and cutting-edge technologies for the industry, and jointly imagine the future of the robot industry.This year, the OFweek Robot Awards 2022 will be comprehensively upgraded, expanding the track on the basis of last year’s awards, adding new awards related to the robot industry chain, and forming more awards with wide coverage, deep industry reach, and great industry influence, including a total of 14 awards.
Participating enterprises
Star Circle Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Excellent Investment Value Enterprise Award”“
Star Circle Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Excellent Investment Value Enterprise Award”.
Achievement Profile
Industry recognition: In 2022, the enterprise value of Starlight Circle Technology was recognized by multiple institutions at home and abroad: domestic government policy recognition:
In 2022, Minhang District “proposed a list of high-quality development policies supporting ‘specialization, innovation, and innovation'”;
Media recognition of domestic scientific and technological innovation leaders: 36 Krypton “King of the New Economy” Advanced Manufacturing Machine Vision Enterprise of the Year “; Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily” 2022 China’s Good Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprise “;
Domestic vertical field media recognition: high-tech robot “2022 innovative technology enterprise”;
Foreign well-known institutions recognize the start-up investment analysis platform TRACXN “Emerging Startups 2022: Top Logistics Technology Startups” as a “unicorn.”.
Scientific research strength:
Currently, Star Ape Technology has obtained 82 domestic and foreign invention patents, 27 utility model patents, and 12 software copyrights; Many products/materials have obtained CE, ISO, Rohs, Reach and other qualifications; The research and development team comes from well-known science and engineering universities and industry leading enterprises at home and abroad.
Capital recognition:
In June 2022, Star Ape Zhe Technology obtained a $40 million B+round of financing led by today’s capital investment, with senior shareholders such as Gaorong Capital, Wuyuan Capital, and Yuanyuan Capital exceeding their investment. Currently, the accumulated financing has exceeded US $100 million, leading the industry segment in terms of valuation and financing scale.
Product innovation:
Starlight Aperture Technology launched three high-performance industrial 3D cameras, AL, LS, and ST, in 2022, featuring high accuracy, anti reflection, anti interference, and high-speed imaging. Currently, it has been officially put into application scenarios such as industrial machine tool loading and unloading, deep basket disordered sorting, destacking, blank loading and unloading, and material flow sorting.
Substantial growth in business scale (to be updated):
The revenue of Star Circle Technology will reach nearly 100 million yuan in 2022, with a year-on-year growth of nearly four times; Order volume has increased fivefold every year, and nearly 100 projects have been successfully delivered. The delivery quality has been highly recognized by integrators and end customers. Among them, the Xiamen warehouse automation upgrading and transformation project for electronic component sales enterprises completed by Starlight Technology has a strong demonstration effect in the field of electronic circulation, which is sufficient to serve as a benchmark project in the electronic circulation industry and effectively drive the electronic industry and intelligent logistics to further transform to automation and intelligence: By deploying 25 sets of Starlight intelligent robot selection systems, The production capacity has been increased from 5700 boxes/hour manually to 17000 boxes/hour, and the efficiency has been nearly doubled.
Participation Reason Star
Since its establishment, Aperture Technology has developed a fully automated robot workstation with hand eye coordination, relying on the world’s leading 3D vision and motion planning technology, to provide more efficient, accurate, and deployable flexible solutions for the logistics manufacturing industry, such as small piece sorting, unstacking, workpiece handling, and assembly. The company is committed to creating the best hand eye coordination technology in the world, enabling intelligent factories and intelligent storage. Currently, Star Circle technology products have been applied to leading enterprises in e-commerce, express delivery, daily chemicals, automotive parts, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.
Star Circle Technology has been invested by multiple VC funds for four consecutive years. The financing amount and product landing speed are leading. The total investment and financing amount has exceeded US $100 million. It has strong development potential.
Starlight Technology is positioned as a robotics expert, providing robotic workstations or industrial core solutions (vision+motion planning+fixture design) centered on scenes and customer experience.
Starlight Circle Technology has CE, Rohs, Reach and other product qualifications, and its comprehensive competitive strength is at the leading level in the industry. Among them, the recognition accuracy and robustness of visual algorithms, robot obstacle avoidance and trajectory planning technology, and robot end effector design technology are at the forefront of the industry.
Enterprise Introduction
Star Ape Technology is committed to promoting autonomous robot perception and operation.
With global cutting-edge 3D vision, robot motion planning, and fixture design technology, we provide machine vision products and solutions such as deep basket disordered loads. NG and unloading, assembly, destacking, small piece sorting, etc. are widely used in automotive, lithium battery, metal processing, pharmaceutical, e-commerce and other industries leading enterprises.
Over the past four years, the company has been invested by multiple top VC funds, leading the way in terms of financing amount and product landing speed.
Voting time: The “OFweek Robot Award 2022” event of the current Vico Cup · The OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Selection will enter the voting stage on February 1. Welcome to vote.