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Smart Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Person of the Year Award”

“The OFweek Robot Awards 2022” is jointly organized by China’s high-tech industry portal OFweek Vico and its authoritative professional robot media, OFweek Vico. The selection has been established for more than ten years. It is a major brand event in China’s robotics industry and one of the professional and influential evaluations of the high-tech industry.
The purpose of this activity is to create a brand communication and display platform for products, technologies, and enterprises in the robot industry. With the platform resources and influence of OFweek, innovative products and solutions are introduced to industry users and markets, and more enterprises are encouraged to invest in technological innovation; At the same time, we will provide more innovative products and cutting-edge technologies for the industry, and jointly imagine the future of the robot industry.
This year, the OFweek Robot Awards 2022 will be comprehensively upgraded, expanding the track on the basis of last year’s awards, adding new awards related to the robot industry chain, and forming more awards with wide coverage, deep industry reach, and great industry influence, including a total of 14 awards.
Participating enterprises
Intelligent technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Person of the Year Award”“
Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. officially participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Person of the Year Award”.
brief introduction
Ou Qi, founder and CEO of Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., master’s degree from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, high-end leading talent of Zhongguancun “High Integration Project”, one of the project leaders of the National Science and Technology Innovation 2030 – “New Generation Artificial Intelligence” major project, mentor of the company’s postdoctoral research workstation, and member of the China Association of Automation. Up to now, more than 70 domestic and foreign patents have been declared, with 23 authorized patents. Won the champion of the second national robot competition, 2021 big data technology communication award, logistics technology innovation award, and other awards.
Mr. Jiao founded Intelligent Technology ForwardX in 2016, which is the fastest growing visual navigation mobile robot enterprise in the world, providing mobile robot solutions for the manufacturing and logistics industries.
In 2022, the CEO led intelligent technology to continuously promote technological innovation and implementation in the field of mobile robots. Through the rapid deployment of over 1000 “vision+laser” mobile robots across industries and over 100 mobile robots in a single scene, we have created more flexible and intelligent industry solutions, introduced “order to person” flexible purchasing solutions for the logistics industry, and end-to-end unmanned logistics solutions for the manufacturing industry;
In 2022, smart technology will become the first manufacturer in Asia in terms of shipment volume and market share; At the same time, President Jiao led Intelligent Technology to actively explore overseas markets, expand the implementation of commercialization projects in Japan, the United States, and South Korea, and promote the internationalization of Chinese mobile robots.
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Main achievements: CEO’s NTS and advantages in 2022: Leading technological innovation:
Intelligent Technology is the only AI enterprise in the world that has achieved large-scale deployment of autonomous mobile robots based on visual AMR. After experiencing technological iterations of the first generation of magnetic navigation AGV, the second generation of two-dimensional code AGV, and the third generation of laser AMR, Mr. Jiao led an intelligent technology team to creatively develop the fourth generation of visual AMR robots based on reviewing past technological routes. As the only AMR in the world that adopts computer vision multisensor fusion solutions, intelligent technology robots use cameras and GPUs to replace the human eye, achieve environmental awareness through deep learning neural networks, and achieve SLAM map construction, 360 ° obstacle avoidance, autonomous route planning, and other technologies.
In 2022, the visual AMR and cluster scheduling system of intelligent technology will continue to be upgraded, and multiple new products will be released to achieve flexible re upgrading of large-scale cluster scheduling in highly dynamic and complex scenarios such as warehouses and factories. Through a set of systems, “vision+laser” mobile robots can be rapidly deployed in a single scene in over 1000 industries and over 100 units, effectively responding to market challenges such as 618 and Double 11, and further improving the overall operational efficiency of the industry.
In 2022, Intelligent Technology won the title of “Little Giant”, a national key specialized and special new enterprise. At the end of the year, Intelligent Technology, as the only enterprise in the field of robotics, won two economic half hour reports from CCTV, and talked with China Post, JD Logistics, and Cainiao Logistics on the same platform about “Smart Manufacturing in China” and “Smart Logistics.”. Currently, intelligent technology has invested more than 300 million yuan in research and development, has obtained over 390 patent applications, over 180 international patent applications, nearly 100 domestic authorized patents, and over 50 overseas authorized patents.
Promote the landing of the technology market:
With the continuous rise in labor costs, the blue collar intensive logistics manufacturing industry is facing pain points such as “difficult and expensive recruitment”. In the trend of domestic substitution, the cost of robots has also significantly decreased. The scissors gap between the two has ushered in a spring of development for AMR enterprises.
Based on his comprehensive capabilities in product, technology, and business, Mr. Jiao led the intelligent team to continuously upgrade the Flex, Max, Lynx, and Helix series products in the logistics and automotive industries, and launched a new series of products, the Apex series, and provided corresponding industry solutions. Currently, solutions provided by intelligent technology have been implemented in more than 500 customers around the world, making visual AMR and its technology commercially proven.
In 2022, intelligent technology will replicate 100 industry leaders. It is of great significance to launch a “order to person” flexible picking solution in China to achieve “half the investment and double the efficiency”. Improve industry picking efficiency, save picking personnel, and become the only automated picking solution for medium-sized warehouses worldwide; In the automotive industry, intelligent technology has taken the lead in landing potential traction AMR globally, creating a case of a car lighthouse. In addition, intelligent technology in general manufacturing has also opened up more complex scenarios within the industry.
Continuously cultivate talents in the field of robotics:
Currently, Intelligent Technology has a team of more than 300 people, 50% of its research and development personnel, and 10+postdoctoral students, of which more than 70% have a master’s degree or above, and have won the world and national champions of the 20+robot competition.
In 2022, Intelligent Technology successfully established a corporate postdoctoral research workstation in Haidian Park, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. Together with 10 units such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Peking University, and the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it undertook a major national “new generation artificial intelligence” project, and is committed to creating the world’s most advanced multi-agent cluster scheduling solution.
Enterprise Introduction
Intelligent Technology is the world’s leading visual navigation mobile robot (AMR) company, the largest order-to-person solution provider for shipments and market share in Asia, and the only provider of automated picking solutions for small and medium-sized parts warehouses. Intelligent technology pioneered the “intelligent mode” flexible order to person picking solution in the industry, and has been launched in nearly 100 warehouses in China. At the same time, intelligent technology is also a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise and a “specialized and innovative” little giant of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
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