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Fantasy Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Excellent Investment Value Enterprise Award”

“The OFweek Robot Awards 2022” is jointly organized by China’s high-tech industry portal OFweek Vico and its authoritative professional robot media, OFweek Vico. The selection has been established for more than ten years. It is a major brand event in China’s robotics industry and one of the professional and influential evaluations of the high-tech industry.
The purpose of this activity is to create a brand communication and display platform for products, technologies, and enterprises in the robot industry. With the platform resources and influence of OFweek, innovative products and solutions are introduced to industry users and markets, and more enterprises are encouraged to invest in technological innovation; At the same time, we will provide more innovative products and cutting-edge technologies for the industry, and jointly imagine the future of the robot industry.
This year, the OFweek Robot Awards 2022 will be comprehensively upgraded, expanding the track on the basis of last year’s awards, adding new awards related to the robot industry chain, and forming more awards with wide coverage, deep industry reach, and great industry influence, including a total of 14 awards.
Participating enterprises
Fantasy Technology participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Excellent Investment Value Enterprise Award”“
Hangzhou Fanshuang Technology Co., Ltd. officially participated in the “Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 China Robot Industry Annual Excellent Investment Value Enterprise Award”.
Achievement Profile
At the Innovation and Development Forum hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and the Linping District People’s Government, Fantasy Technology won a university achievement transformation project, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with Kefa Capital and Zhongkong Group. As one of the key projects introduced by Hangzhou National University Industrial Park in 2022, it has received special attention from regional leaders. Chinese universities themselves are highlands of innovative technology. As a company incubated by university projects, they possess cutting-edge innovation concepts and high innovation capabilities. Within six months of its establishment, the company has submitted six core invention patents in relevant fields.
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Reason for innovation in application mode: Fanshuang’s main product is “Robot led Biochemical Laboratory”, which is an intelligent chemical and biomedical research and development platform. The company focuses on digitizing the entire process of chemical reactions, achieving intelligent control of experimental processes, experimental design, prediction of experimental results, and decision-making. Optimize experimental design through model prediction, simulation, and other technologies, utilize machine learning and data mining technologies to develop data analysis and prediction technologies, and provide decision support. Currently, this field is still in its infancy internationally, and Fantasy is one of the few companies that combine these fields.
Technological innovation: Unlike robotic arms in industrial scenarios, the Magic Product adopts an industrial structure that is more suitable for chemical synthesis operations, automates the experimental process, improves experimental efficiency, and reduces the risk of errors in the experimental process; The platform can achieve automatic data collection and processing, improve the accuracy and quality of data, and support virtual experiments, simulation experiments, and physical experiments. Cloud labs can reduce equipment procurement and maintenance costs, reduce human and material costs, and greatly facilitate the implementation and management of experiments.
Product design innovation: product integration robots, interactive metauniverse technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, big data analysis, etc. Isn’t it the meaning of innovation to be able to combine these concepts to create useful products?
The investor, Kefa Kangding Venture Capital, invested in companies such as Hangzhou Pujian Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Nantong Zhenle Medical Technology Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Duoyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., including Fan Shuang, all of which are innovative enterprises in the field of biomedicine and pharmaceuticals. As the last piece of puzzle to supplement the biomedical industry, Fanshuang will greatly accelerate the introduction of new technologies and materials by other enterprises mentioned above.
Product concept innovation: “Industry 4.0” is the era of “machine replacement”, and fantasy has always been in the era of “Industry 5.0” and “man-machine cooperation”. A metauniverse technology for human-computer collaboration under the framework of Industry 5.0 was proposed, which integrates the theory, calculation, and experiments of the pharmaceutical industry in digital form in the “fantasy world”, and completes the synthesis of target molecules through intelligent robots in intelligent laboratories. The research paradigms of life science and chemical materials science have fundamentally innovated.
Enterprise Introduction
Hangzhou Fanshuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in research and development of big data based on material synthesis. The relevant research results of the company’s main creative team have been repeatedly published in internationally renowned journals such as Nature Communications and Physical Chemistry Letters, and are committed to creating a digital design platform with fully independent intellectual property rights, accelerating the research and development of pharmaceuticals, new energy, and green chemical materials.